Hybrid AI and battery life days

Hybrid AI and battery life days

We’re approaching a revolution in laptop computing, and a little-known laptop technology provider is leading the charge. I’ve been living on a Qualcomm-powered laptop for over a year now, and while the benefits of long battery life and LTE connectivity have been great, performance still leaves a bit to be desired. With this week’s announcement of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon In addition, this state-of-the-art technology promises a significant increase in performance over large language models (LLMs). This combination indicates a huge jump in capacity and productivity.

Let’s explore that this week.

Days of battery life

Something that has become common with the advent of laptops is that people have to carry backpacks that contain their laptop, power supply, and a bunch of other things that they probably won’t need in a meeting but come in handy when traveling. We all often carry a bunch of stuff, including power banks, to address the limitations of today’s laptops.

In addition, we often see a musical chairs event when people arrive at a meeting and realize that there are not enough plugs for all of them. Even when we find an open plug, it may not be close to our seat, or it may be covered by anything else connected to the plug.

When you move into days of battery life, like what we’ll get with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite processor, you can leave the backpack and charger behind. You won’t have to bother with plugs, and you can leave your backpack at home or in your hotel and just carry your laptop.

This is how I hold my older Qualcomm-based HP Folio. This feature, coupled with LTE support (meaning I don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi availability), is a game-changer for me. Longer battery life, improved performance, and Wi-Fi 7 and 5G support will truly improve the user experience.

Hybrid artificial intelligence

Another big improvement is the improved NPU and much better AI support. As we become more familiar with generative AI and discover that we can’t work efficiently without it (Microsoft Copilot being another game changer), the ability to use this tool when you’re not connected becomes more important. Additionally, running generative AI outside the cloud consumes a lot of resources both in terms of processing and in terms of network traffic. Running it locally not only makes generative AI more available, it potentially significantly reduces the fees associated with running it in the cloud.

Examples of usage range from automatically writing email responses and messages, doing most of the writing when creating documents, and improving the quality of the things we write, which will improve our presentations and chances of moving up. This is an amazing technology to improve productivity. Making it cheaper to use and more available should have a major positive impact on most aspects of our working lives, and assuming we use it effectively, provides a stronger path to a better work-life balance.

And as we’ve discovered with other productivity tools like Microsoft Office, I predict we’ll eventually wonder how we ever lived without them.


The Snapdragon X Elite is a game-changing solution in mobile computing. Not only does it offer tremendous performance and battery life improvement to Qualcomm’s laptop solutions, but according to Qualcomm, it significantly outperforms the offerings from Qualcomm’s competitors. However, these competitors are not standing by. Both AMD and Intel also promise significant progress in their solutions by the end of 2024. Qualcomm’s more sustainable advantages also lie in the connectivity aspects of the display, including Wi-Fi 7, which promises visual levels of wireless performance, and 5G, a significant increase in performance From the LTE I’m currently using.

Qualcomm has made it so I never need to carry a backpack to a meeting again. All the other benefits were just impressive gravy. And I love gravy.

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