(Hybrid Event) Advanced Trade Secrets 2023: New Challenges, New Solutions, New Opportunities – October 17, San Francisco, CA | Practice Law Institute (PLI)

October 17, 2023

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

PLI California Convention Center

455 Market Street, Suite 2300

San Francisco, CA 94111

Free with PLI Premium Membership

Full day program – San Francisco and live online broadcast

Up to 7 credit hours

Trade secrets can be among an organization’s most valuable assets – when you know how to identify, protect and share them safely. Trade secret law can protect cutting-edge technologies, improvements to mature technologies, new combinations of known information and a wide range of valuable technical and strategic information in between. But embezzlement and allegations of embezzlement can derail an organization’s business strategies — on both sides of the “v.” It can even lead to criminal exposure and liability for actions occurring in the United States and abroad. Verdicts of millions of dollars and more are becoming increasingly common. The same applies to appeals, annulments, and retrials. Trade secret law and the potential risks to trade secrets become increasingly important when employees and consultants who have immersed themselves in trade secrets move on to competitors who may be eager to learn them, or who may not have properly measured and guarded against the risks. But trade secret disputes are not limited to the domain of mobile employees. Sharing trade secrets when pursuing potential mergers, acquisitions and business collaborations can provide significant opportunities but can also expose information and companies to significant risk. To maximize value and minimize risk, organizations must stay on top of the latest developments. This full-day program brings together experts and thought leaders in the field to help you do just that.

Program chairs:

Victoria A. Cundiff – University of Pennsylvania Law School

What you will learn:

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Get insight into what courts, legislatures, agencies, and companies think and do about trade secret issues in the U.S. and abroad
  • Learn how to modify some of the “old rules” and why they can only be ignored at risk
  • Understand how trade secret disputes are managed from the outset, often in one or more locations globally
  • Find out how exclusive reliance on non-compete agreements can put trade secrets at risk and how to use alternative methods to protect trade secrets
  • Think about how new forms of AI could pose new risks to trade secrets – and how they could also offer new solutions

Who should attend:

This program is designed to assist those responsible for assisting clients in protecting, exploiting and sharing intellectual property; structuring business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and related due diligence; Litigation and resolution of commercial disputes. It will benefit IP lawyers at home and abroad, transactional lawyers, employment lawyers, white-collar criminal and investigative lawyers, others involved in IP protection and key strategic personnel.

Distinctive feature: Get 1 hour of ethics credit

Up to 7 credit hours

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