Hyundai Flexes Kona Jayde Concept at SEMA 2023, a new breed of urban crossover

Hyundai Flexes Kona Jayde Concept at SEMA 2023, a new breed of urban crossover

The Hyundai Kona is a force to be reckoned with in the small crossover segment in North America. With unparalleled powertrain options between gasoline, hybrid-electric and full-battery electric vehicles, the Kona sets the scene for how all vehicles are offered in its market segment. With the same spirit of innovation in mind, Hyundai came out in full force at SEMA 2023 to share with us the Kona Jade Concept. It’s safe to say that it takes the form factor of the second-generation Kona that we all know and love and makes it a little more special.

Marketed squarely at its target audience among young city dwellers who appreciate a cool adventure vehicle as much as they offer superior build quality and advanced design, the Kona Jayde Concept is an exciting vehicle from the moment one lays eyes on its bold light green paint job, and wicked HRE 520M alloy wheels. One piece, with the Thule Pulse Alpine cargo box protruding above its roof. In fact, it’s the thrill-seeking, urban-centric young professionals that Hyundai hopes to attract with this latest concept car.

Thanks to the Thule Epos bike rack paired with the Hyundai Genuine Accessories hitch, this is a car to drive to your favorite forest bike trails miles outside of the city center, as much as it is the car you ride to the office every day. With a set of Michelin Power Gravel tires, you could probably take the Kona Jayde out on the same forest trail, assuming said trail was wide enough. Although it’s still just a Konda at the end of the day, one can’t help but think that this stunning combination of paint, wheels and tires is enough to make people’s heads spin wherever the Kona Jade roams. It’s gotten to the point where America’s premier custom car show seems incomplete without him.

If only onlookers knew that the Kona Jayde Concept’s exterior was just an introduction to what’s on offer with its interior. With its sinister-looking Recaro Sportster bucket seats trimmed in a near-vintage but tasteful flannel pattern, sitting in the Kona Jayde is probably just as fascinating as it is looking at it from a side street, while onlookers ponder what could be hiding under the giant roof rack this. Other elements in the interior, such as the door sill panels, carpeted floor mats, and reversible luggage tray, are similarly decorated to complete the look of this interior. With a plethora of accessories like the 200 DC to AC charging adapter available, there’s enough tech on hand here to satisfy any Silicone Valley hotshot.

It’s all thanks to Hyundai’s collaboration with its official parts and accessories supplier, Mobis, that the Kona Jayde Concept looks the way it looks. It’s safe to say, if any production-level Konas look attractive, the already high public interest in the design could be raised to a whole new level. Expect this awesome concept to make its in-person debut at SEMA on Halloween, October 31st. But for now, these promotional images are enough to generate excitement on their own. The matching e-bike from Vintage Electric Bikes is just gravy on top.

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