I bought a 90s minivan and turned it into the perfect tiny house

A man has shared how he transformed an old 1990s van into the perfect tiny house on wheels for £5,600.

The DIY enthusiast said the project was always something he always wanted to check off his list.

A man has shared how he transformed an old 1990s van into the perfect tiny house on wheels for £5,600Credit: YouTube/@drewbuildsstuff
Credit: YouTube/@drewbuildsstuff

Drew shared the transformation in a YouTube video online.

“I reconverted this 1990 Chevy G20 into a practical, affordable modern pickup truck with almost everything you could need on the road,” he said.

Drew explained that the previous owner took a lot of risks with the truck, which included faults that he had to fix.

“It’s always funny when you dig into someone else’s work and see some artistic liberties they took just to get things done, and at that moment you swear you’ll never do anything similar and all at once ‘you’re halfway through the building process you’re like…’ he said. I can just make it work.”

Once Drew had properly cleaned his truck, he was ready to get started on his renovations.

He started installing solar panels to have a source of energy

“Here I’ll get 300 watts of total solar energy available,” Drew said.

The DIY fan then insulated his ceiling before installing the roof.

“I just use standard eight-foot cedar fence boards that I got from Home Depot after sorting the pile well,” he said.

Once his roof was complete, Drew was able to begin installing the lighting. Drew began putting up walls so it would be easier to fit amenities like a bed and cabinets into the truck.

Next Drew installed its hand-crafted flooring that was covered in vinyl while the sides were covered in carpet or black silicone.

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Drew installed his own cabinets that he made from scratch and this will form the storage space for his kitchen.

DIY enthusiasts even had room to add hidden storage that slides out to produce a flat-screen TV.

Drew designed his bed so that, when pulled out, it would be on the floor in the back of his truck, otherwise he would have a comfy couch to sit on.

He also added original oak wood countertops and even tile in his kitchen. The final step was to install a water pump so he could have running water.

In total, Drew spent six weeks refurbishing the van and spent £5,600.

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“This is the coolest, most functional thing I’ve ever built and I’ll be using it a lot this summer,” Drew said. “It took six weeks to build, working 10 or 12 hours a day.

“As for the total costs, the truck itself cost me $6,000 (£4,800) and then I had to pay about $3,500 (£2,800) to the mechanic to make it safe for the whole reconditioning process.” My receipts totaled just under $7,000 (£5,600 sterling)”.

Credit: YouTube/@drewbuildsstuff
The Drew van has a hidden TV and also has a barbecueCredit: YouTube/@drewbuildsstuff

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