I have lived in 3 different cars and a sailboat

A young lifestyle influencer has revealed her favorite cars to live in throughout her life.

Christine Hanes has lived between a truck and a boat for the past five years and has dramatically reduced her cost of living because of it.

Hans listed the Toyota Prius as the best compact car to live inCredit: YouTube SUV RVing
Car seats can be easily folded to form a bedCredit: YouTube SUV RVing

She didn’t want to live under the burden of rent of over $20,000 a year, so she moved into tiny living. During that time she was able to pay off debt and learn to live in a small space.

After years of truck life, Hans reveals the vehicles that got her start and how novice truck drivers can choose the right one.

The first car she lived in was a Toyota Prius. Although a hybrid car is small, it comes with some great benefits.

Hans was able to sleep two people in the back of her Prius for several months while living in San Francisco, California. She says it’s the best car for stealth camping, which sleeps overnight in places where people aren’t normally supposed to sleep.

The back seat can be easily folded to create a bed, and the front seat can be removed to provide more sleeping space. Additionally, the hybrid drivetrain means the engine can run throughout the night to maintain air conditioning or heating.

After that, Hans moved to a Chevy Astro, which she claims is the best economy car to live in.

She got her Astro for $6,000 and it had less than 60,000 miles on it. The affordability and range of the vehicle allowed her to install solar panels and a mini-fridge.

The Astro truck is also a reliable option, with many owners saying they have put close to 300,000 miles on their vehicles.

Hans now lives in a Mercedes Sprinter, which is among the most versatile vehicles in van life.

The Sprinter has high ceilings and plenty of space for comfortable living, but it also has four-wheel drive capabilities and can maneuver off-road with ease.

Fuel economy is also exceptional, which makes up for the fact that Sprinters are expensive. New starts around $50,000, but used ones hold their value very well.

However, no one truck is perfect for everyone, and Hans details how would-be truckers can find the right truck for them.

Dimensions are important, depending on whether you can tolerate a tight space or if you need room to expand. Fuel efficiency is also important for those who travel a lot.

Other highlights include the easily customizable interior and access to electricity. For those who need more amenities, a vehicle that can handle solar panels is key.

If you want to learn more about getting into truck life, you can read Hanes’ blog and listen to her podcast here.

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