I live in my car and stealth parking

A man has revealed two things he recommends novice motorists put in their cars that are essential for life as a campervan.

The YouTube creator lives in a self-converted van in California and regularly shares videos on the platform to give a peek into his unique life.

Evan posted a video showing viewers the “how to” of car campingCredit: YouTube/Stories from a Truck
The driver pointed out that dealing with the temperatures in winter and summer can be the biggest challenge a person will face when living in his carCredit: YouTube/Stories from a Truck

Evan (@StoriesFromaVan) recently posted a video showing viewers the “how to” of car camping.

He commented on the clip, saying: “This is a comprehensive guide on how to start living in a car.”

“It’s really not as bad as you think as long as you have a good plan. I lived in a van in San Francisco for almost the entire year of 2019, and I drew a lot of my experience from my time there.”

The driver pointed out in his video that dealing with winter and summer temperatures can be the biggest challenge a person will face when living in his car.

“No matter where you live in your car, you will have to face extreme temperatures, so knowing how to deal with them is essential,” Ivan emphasized.

“My truck is not equipped with air conditioning or a heater.”

He said the only thing that can help manage the temperatures in his truck is the vent and fan on his roof.

“Which I’ll be running to cool down the interior of my truck,” the YouTuber explained.

“This vent will pull air through the side windows and through the top and can lower the temperature in my truck by 10 degrees in 5 minutes during a hot summer.”


When it comes to the cold, the man said don’t invest in insulating your car unless you have a heater, because insulation alone will do little to keep it warm.

He said he faced some harsh cold nights while sleeping in his car.

“The coldest night I slept was 38 degrees Fahrenheit in my truck and weeks ago the temperature was always in the low 40s,” Smith admitted.

“I could use a propane heater but storing it is a big hassle and I would have to spend money on propane.”

Instead, the motorist said he was wearing warm, comfortable clothing with a base layer and a sleeping jacket.

Window coverings

“Magnetic window covers for sash windows can be a great investment,” he advises.

“If you get a side with a reflective back, which I don’t have, but let’s pretend that black side is the reflective side, you’ll have the reflective side facing out in the summer.”

This is in order to reflect the heat away and in the winter it will face inward to reflect the heat back inward.

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