I Make 6 Figures as a Professional Traveler – Here’s How I Started

I Make 6 Figures as a Professional Traveler – Here’s How I Started

For many, the idea of ​​traveling the world and getting paid for it is nothing more than a pipe dream. But for Alice Saunders, it’s reality. For the past more than 900 days, Saunders has been constantly traveling across the United States and Greece with her husband and two cats. She managed to build a six-figure income in the process.

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Saunders now runs a successful business as a mobile digital life coach, travel blogger, accountant, business coach, photographer, author, speaker, and “warrior,” as she describes herself. Here’s more about how she became a professional traveler and her tips for getting started.

From corporate CEO to nomadic entrepreneur

Saunders didn’t always live the nomadic lifestyle. She previously held high-level corporate positions, including Controller for Hilton Hotel Corp., Regional Director of Revenue and Director of Human Resources.

“My professional history shows how anyone can leverage their job skills and create their own business,” Saunders said.

In 2017, Saunders and her husband, Greg, planned to buy a pickup truck and take their bookkeeping business on the road. But when Greg felt hesitant about the small space, they postponed the trip.

The following year, after leaving her lucrative corporate career to recover from illness, Saunders took the leap into entrepreneurship. With no clients yet, she bet on herself and her skills.

“If there was ever a time when I would take a chance on myself and bet on myself, this is it,” she said.

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Take the leap to become website independent

After two years of running her bookkeeping business from home, Saunders was craving more.

“I loved my job and my clients. I just longed to feel like I was really living,” she said. “I wanted more!”

In 2020, Saunders and her husband began to imagine a different lifestyle — one where they were always on the go, having new adventures and experiences. After some planning, Greg took early retirement, donated most of their stuff and hit the road in their car.

“Now I choose when I work, when I play, and when I rest,” Saunders said. “The last 900 days of consecutive travel have been so much more than I ever dreamed possible.”

Build a business on the road

So how does Saunders earn a healthy six-figure income while traveling full time? Its revenue comes from various aspects of its business ventures.

As a digital nomad coach, she offers tools and resources through her website, Tales From An Untamed Soul. This includes a free e-book called “How to Become a Digital Nomad” full of tips on visas, packing and transitioning to the nomadic lifestyle.

She also still runs her bookkeeping company, Alise Saunders Financial Services, serving clients remotely with services such as payroll, forecasting, HR support and training. Additionally, she earns income from travel blogs, photography, lectures, and books. Saunders offers destination guides, gear recommendations, and practical advice for aspiring digital nomads.

Tips to become a digital entrepreneur

For those looking to ditch the nine-to-five job and start earning an income on the road, Saunders offered some words of wisdom: “Believe that anything is possible, and it is.” “You are what you choose to be.”

Saunders advised entrepreneurs to focus on income-generating tasks rather than getting distracted by busy work. “Your fears will create many imagined reasons why you can’t, can’t, or won’t succeed.” She also recommended not spending money on problems. “Most entrepreneurial challenges can be solved with focus and adjustments.”

Leveraging your passion and skills is key when starting a business. “I’m working harder than ever at my corporate job, but now I love it. I can’t get enough of it because I love watching other people change their lives,” she said.

Saunders’ final piece of advice: “Define success for yourself. My old definition was something like money, position/title, house, cars, vacations, and responsibility. Today, my definition of success is happiness, joy, passion, and fulfillment.”

Live the dream as a professional hiker

Alice Saunders’ story shows that it is possible to break away from a fixed lifestyle and build a thriving business on the road. With the right mindset, skills, and planning, you too can earn income while traveling the world. Saunders finds the nomadic entrepreneur lifestyle very rewarding.

“I am very grateful for this life that has helped me learn many things about myself,” she said.

So, if you’re eager to become a digital nomad and see the world, take inspiration from pioneers like Alise. With hard work, creativity, and a sense of adventure, you can turn your passion for travel into a lucrative career.

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