‘I was depressed’: Zendaya Challengers co-star Josh O’Connor felt living out of a truck would be more preferable to an apartment for his art

Being an actor is much more challenging than one might think. Actor Josh O’Connor has given many notable performances over the past decade but one of his most anticipated films, United, was delayed due to the ongoing actors and writers strike. For O’Connor, acting is an art. He values ​​this craft so much that he is willing to go to any lengths in order to keep it intact.

Josh O’Connor

The actor previously revealed that he prefers to live in a van for some strange reason. The actor feels that the luxurious life makes him unhappy, and in order to continue acting he must stay away from it.

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Josh O’Connor would rather live in a van

Josh O'Connor
Josh O’Connor

Last month, actor Josh O’Connor appeared in an interview with GQ magazine and explained that living in a van is much better than luxury hotels. He said,

“I remember Luca (Guadagnino) telling me: ‘Actors are like racehorses: you have to keep them in good shape if you want them to run as fast as possible. I think what he means is nice hotels and nice food… but staying in a hotel room is not the best situation for me. It was so luxurious and I felt depressed.

O’Connor also revealed that his father owned a 1960s VW pickup truck, so he began his search to find a similar truck and found Winnie, the truck that became essential to his acting career.

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Josh O’Connor isShapeshifter

Josh O'Connor
Josh O’Connor

Director of the year 2017 God’s own countryFrancis Lee was very impressed by O’Connor’s performance, saying that he “One of those rare actors who truly transform their appearance,Because of his ability to completely transform himself into the character he plays. In a 2017 interview with Interview magazine, O’Connor talked about the experience of working there God’s own countryIt is undoubtedly the most famous film in his filmography.

“I had my own sense book – paintings and drawings that I had done and ideas that I had. From there, I worked physically with Francis on what this guy would look like. By the end of the film I was very thin. Way. It was really lonely and hard. I don’t think I would do that again. You isolate yourself from all your friends.

In the last decade, O’Connor has proven his versatility as an actor through his impressive performances in many other films such as, Hide and seek (2014), only you (2018), and No chimera (2023). Fans will be able to see more of O’Connor in the upcoming film, UnitedAlong with Zendaya and Mike Fiast. The film was supposed to be released this month, but due to the actors and writers’ strike, the release date was postponed to April 2024.

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Source: GQ

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