TThroughout Greta Gerwig’s intelligent feminist film, Barbie, our heroine longs for her former Slim Aarons-like reality: wearing a pink gingham dress inside her pink multi-story mid-century modern house, she enthusiastically greets other Barbie dolls who play chess and lounge poolside in her cul-de-sac. bag. in paint, Owen Wilson plays Carl Nargel, Vermont’s number one TV artist for three decades, who bears a suspicious resemblance to the TV art teacher from the mid-1980s, Bob Ross. He spends much of the film driving an orange pickup truck while wearing the same embroidered button-down, flared jeans, and oversized clothing, even as those around him progress to contemporary looks and Uber rides. And the group in Wes Anderson Asteroid city He huddles at a candy-colored, linoleum-floored luncheonette on an undeveloped desert road while studying the nine planets (Pluto is still one of them) and reveals a naive concern about aliens and flying saucers.

Margot Robbie stars in the movie “Barbie.” (“Barbie” images @ 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., courtesy of Warner Bros.)

While Barbiecourt has been in and out of fashion since the career-oriented doll first hit shelves in 1959, today’s sweeping revival demonstrates a compelling desire to revisit our unburdened youth. to Washington Postinterior designer Ken Volk sketched his own whimsical and whimsical version of Barbie’s dream home, while Jonathan Adler envisioned a more Palm Springs abode, complete with his signatures like an embroidery pillow (Boss Lady is etched across this abode). Architectural digest ventured into a similar endeavor, but instead had the AI ​​envision what architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid, and Oscar Niemeyer, among other legends, would build for the plastic blonde in high heels. Meanwhile, HGTV has its network’s stars doing the real thing.

Owen Wilson in “The Painter.” (“Drawing” images courtesy of IFC Films)

Vintage covenants

Although pink is definitely the backbone of Barbicore, it is the underlying aesthetic that can be seen in both paint And Asteroid city: Wine prevails. We’ve welcomed the return of golf polo shirts and tennis skirts, crisp button-downs and jeans, fringed jackets, Peter Pan collars, paisley, and lots and lots of crochet. It is the absence of flashy designer elements and the return of simple coolness. Thrifting has become the way savvy kids shop. An unbranded camel leather jacket in the style of Carl Nargle is most likely to appear They are the girls This fall.

Writer-director Wes Anderson on the set of Asteroid City. (“Asteroid City” photos courtesy of Roger Do Minh/Pop. 87 Productions/Focus Features)

Many of these groups have found a home in a quiet corner of TikTok, where the worlds of cotton candy and ready-to-wear accessories come together alongside the hashtag #WesAndersonTrend. With the emblematic musical song “Obituary” from Anderson French mission As a soundtrack, the creators seek to imitate the director’s twisted, dreamlike vision via title cards, wide-lens shots, quick cuts, and symmetrical framing, all while deftly going about their usual tasks: eating lunch, loading laundry, or riding the train to work. The magazine articles not only provided tutorials on how to portray the author’s iPhone version, but also gave clues on how to dress like Anderson’s character, with Oxford shoes as a recurring motif.

Movie studios seem to pander to our stylistic and nostalgic desires, with productions like Lena Dunham’s Polly PocketRyan Murphy Hostility: The Cabot Women, and a potential American Girl movie was announced. So, we’re in luck: we’ll keep playing dress-up.