Infiniti introduces QX65 coupe crossover inspired by FX, confirms QX80 for 2024

Infiniti introduces QX65 coupe crossover inspired by FX, confirms QX80 for 2024

Infiniti gives us a look ahead at its brand’s revival, showing off its new design language and a quartet of upcoming vehicles

October 24, 2023 at 11:59

Infiniti marked October 24, 2023 as an important day in its history as it revealed plans to introduce four new advanced vehicles. This marks the start of a comprehensive refresh of the range, with the brand confirming that the QX80 full-size SUV is scheduled to launch next year, followed by the QX65 crossover coupe and two electric cars.

Starting with the QX80, the flagship SUV was recently previewed with the QX Monograph concept. It was described as an “anti-wedge” model for its curvy body panels, and was characterized by an upright, muscular stance and simple, clean surface details.

Infiniti says the production QX80 model, which will launch in 2024, will have the same “muscular appearance and minimalist exterior.” Inside, the SUV promises to combine luxurious materials, advanced technology, and three rows of seats.

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The concept is the closest to production of the four, and is also our best look at Infiniti’s “art in motion” design concept. It seeks to create clean but sculptural exteriors where body panels intersect seamlessly with lighting elements.

The same design ethos has been used in the Vision Qe, a look at the brand’s first electric car. Its designers used this seamless intersection between lighting elements and body panels to interpret the brand’s electric-era grille. Although there are few details on what will power the sedan, it is said to be aimed at the Tesla Model S, and Infiniti plans to build it in Canton, Mississippi.

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The sedan will be followed by another electric car, but this one will be an SUV. This concept has only been teased here, and is called the Vision QXe (below). Although there is still a lot to learn about the model, it appears that it will use the same design language as the Vision Qe, and it appears that it will be larger than the upcoming QX65.

An all-new nameplate, the QX65 (below) is a crossover coupe inspired by the Infiniti FX. It will be described as a stylish two-row crossover and will be an important entry into a crowded segment. More details are expected later.

“Today is a pivotal moment for Infiniti as we announce four amazing new models on the way,” said Jose Roman, Infiniti’s global president. “These additions will revitalize Infiniti and pave the way for achieving our long-term plan: Ambition 2030.”

Infiniti calls this a bright new dawn for itself, as it aims to offer elegant, “human-centric” luxury to its buyers. It relies on these four products to update its lineup and help it compete in key segments.

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