Insect-based foods, Singapore-grown meat, hybrid innovation and more

Insect-based foods, Singapore-grown meat, hybrid innovation and more

‘Very cheap’: Affordability trumps protein and sustainability as key driving factor for insect-based foods in Asia-Pacific

Affordability is emerging as the main driving factor for insect-based foods in the Asia-Pacific region, perhaps more important than the often-lauded protein or sustainability factors.

That’s the view of founder and CEO of Vietnam-based insect protein company FlyFeed, Arseny Olkovsky, who believes food and beverage manufacturers can meet consumer demands for high-quality protein with their own pricing priorities by using insect protein.

Meatable says costs have come down and production has improved as it aims to introduce competitively priced cultivated meat in Singapore

Netherlands-based food technology company Meatable says it has been able to cut costs and increase production efficiency for its cultured meat products, which is set to launch in Singapore by next year.

Founded in 2018, Meatable has raised $35 million in a recent funding round, bringing its total funding to $95 million, which will be used to scale production and accelerate commercialization.

In September, the company held its first-ever media trial in Singapore, marking an important step towards gaining full regulatory approval for sales in the island nation.

Having it both ways: Creating a “middle path” to innovate premium, affordable food and beverage products

The dual rise in consumer demands for the somewhat contradictory mix of premiumization and affordability in food and beverages has led companies to find variations of the “middle path” when it comes to innovation.

Amid a backdrop of inflationary pressures, rising prices and geopolitical instability, consumers around the world and especially in the Asia-Pacific region are looking for affordable options when purchasing food and groceries.

But at the same time, there is still a significant reluctance to completely give up a few luxuries, leading to high demand for concessions as well – including in the relatively new field of alternative proteins.

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