Inside David De Gea’s stunning car collection, including a £160,000 British classic and a luxury passenger van

David De Gea may be a goalkeeper famous for sticking to the woods, but away from the pitch he can go any way he wants with style.

This is thanks to its fleet of amazing engines.

David De Gea has been with Manchester United for 12 yearsCredit: Getty
He amassed an amazing collection of cars during his time at the clubCredit: Getty

The Spaniard leaves Manchester United behind after making 545 appearances.

During this time he won eight titles with the Red Devils.

From a stunning British classic to a stunning red sports car, De Gea boasts an impressive collection.

SunSport has taken a look at the Spaniard’s diverse wheel collection.

British classic

David De Gea can get anywhere he wants in styleCredit: Zenpix
The Aston Martin Vantage is a classic British carCredit: Eamonn and James Clark

After spending 12 years in England with Manchester United, it would make sense for De Gea to buy into some British culture.

And that’s exactly what petrol boss De Gea did.

He made the most of it by getting an Aston Martin Vantage.

In 2019, De Gea got himself the two-door sports car and was spotted in the city with his partner Edorne Jacarea Almagro.

The sleek car can reach top speeds of between 195mph to 200mph – not far off from Aston Martin’s Formula 1 car.

The engine will set you back a cool £125,000.

Benz your ear

De Gea was often spotted in his £76,000 Mercedes GLE when he was at Manchester United.Credit: Eamonn and James Clark

De Gea is 6ft 4ins tall and needs to make sure he has plenty of legroom in his cars.

This means he often takes an SUV on his outings.

His favorite SUV is the Mercedes GLE, which starts at around £76,000.

De Gea was seen cheering for Juan Mata when the duo played at the club.

The Vito can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds.

So you will have good money for getting him anywhere he wants on time.

The American dream

De Gea jumped at the opportunity to add a Chevrolet to his collectionCredit: Eamonn and James Clark
He later added a Chevrolet Camarao to his garageCredit: Bulletin

When Manchester United were sponsored by American car manufacturer Chevrolet, United reportedly asked their players to drive cars they built to keep their shirt sponsor happy.

De Gea did not need a second invitation and took the opportunity to add to his car collection.

He was soon seen driving two Chevrolet cars.

The first saw him add another SUV in the form of the Captiva, which could cost up to £24,000.

However, De Gea was not finished there, and he soon added a second ride sponsored by Chevrolet.

The second time he chose a Camaro, a two-door sports car that can be priced between £27,000 and £31,000 depending on whether it is a coupe or convertible.

Red devil

This red Audi RS5 completes De Geas’ impressive car collectionCredit: Eamonn and James Clark

Throughout his career at Old Trafford, De Gea was constantly linked with a move away from the club.

However, one elusive fax machine changed that course entirely.

Links of his move to Real Madrid came with a flavor of irony when he was spotted leaving Spanish restaurant La Vina in the village of Hale with an Ausi RS5 in 2015.

De Gea chose a bright red color with the car to illustrate his choices, to match the colors of Manchester United.

The car can fetch up to £73,000 on the market.

But when the car – said to be a favorite of Real Madrid and Barcelona stars – is capable of reaching a top speed of 155.3mph, you’ll be expected to pay a pretty penny.

Man with truck

De Gea’s lady, Edorni Jakaria Almagro, was seen driving the goalkeeper around in a Mercedes Vito in 2018Credit: Eamonn and James Clark

De Gea didn’t complete his car collection with just one piece of Mercedes’ engineering prowess.

Instead, the goalkeeper added a Mercedes-Benz Vito to his garage.

In 2018, he was seen in the passenger seat of the SUV while Ms Edorn drove around.

The minibus was owned by a number of footballers, including Raheem Sterling, Alvaro Morata and Jake Livermore.

Prices for the van start at a retail price of £36,000 and can rise to £62,000 depending on the vehicle configuration.

Some stars have even managed to outfit their trucks with gaming consoles and TVs in the back.

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