Introducing: Renault’s 2024 subcompact crossover captures our hearts with its quirky looks

Introducing: Renault’s 2024 subcompact crossover captures our hearts with its quirky looks

Four years on the market is enough for any new car, which is why Renault is preparing a successor to the second generation Captur. Keep in mind that it’s not an all-new car, but a mid-cycle update that will bring revised styling and a few other bits.

The last time we spotted a prototype in public was in the first half of 2023. At that time, diamond branding covered its front and rear ends. However, even with the triple vinyl stickers, it was easy to spot some novelties that would set it apart from its predecessor.

For example, it had a completely different grille with a more closed design and a large air intake in the middle of the redesigned bumper. The headlights were also new, and DRLs mounted below the main clusters were part of the revisions. The rear fascia features a new bumper and a new pair of taillights, while the side profile has not changed at all.

Are you curious about what lies beneath the fake skin? Probably yes, otherwise you would not be reading these lines. The Kolesa kidnappers tried to answer this question by applying a heavy dose of CGI to these spy shots. The images depict the 2024 Renault Captur with a futuristic face that represents a significant departure from its predecessor for what is still a facelifted car.

2024 Renault Captur\-Display

Photo: Kolisa

The CGI model shown in the gallery comes with a new hood that protrudes less into the reshaped grille, which is decorated with the brand’s new logo. We can see a wide air intake below the OEM logo and a large air intake in the bumper, with a large sensor in the middle of it. The DRLs are more prominent here, and this digital version of the compact crossover also features new taillights and a new rear bumper.

The artist imagined it in white with some glossy black accents, including the roof, front and center pillars and side mirror housings, and gave it a new set of wheels. The lower parts of the body retain the plastic cladding that gives the Captur a more massive appearance compared to the Clio supermini, with which it shares the CMF-B platform that is also the basis for the Arkana, Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi ASX, among others.

In terms of power, the 2024 Renault Captur is expected to retain its petrol recipe, perhaps joined by one LPG variant and the usual hybrid and plug-in hybrid combinations. The diesel should be dropped for the improved iteration, but this information is yet to be confirmed. We’ll find out more about it when the time comes, likely in the first half of the year, with order books opening shortly after the premiere.

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