It will be sold in EV, gasoline and CNG models

It will be sold in EV, gasoline and CNG models

Tata Motors is all set to launch its most premium and ambitious offering, the Tata Curvv SUV Coupe. As test sightings of this SUV become more frequent, more information about this premium SUV is unfolding every day. The latest reports on the Tata Curvv SUV stated that the company will start production in April 2024. In addition to this, the company also aims to sell around 48,000 units of this SUV every year.

Launch schedule

According to Autocar India, Tata Motors will launch the Curvv coupe SUV soon after it begins production in April 2024. According to sources, the launch could take place between May and June next year. Additionally, this newly developed SUV will participate in Tata Motors’ production facility at Renjangaon plant near Pune, Maharashtra.

Sales target of Tata Curvv

In addition to the launch timeline, the new reports also revealed the sales targets that Tata Motors plans to achieve with Curvv. The total sales target at the moment set by the company is to sell around 48,000 units in total. This number includes all Curvv drivetrain variants, including ICE and EV models. The company aims to produce around 12,000 Curvv EVs, with the remaining units contributing from ICE models. Now it will not be known whether the company was able to achieve these goals until after its official launch.

Tata Curve was positioned in the lineup

Once the Tata Curvv is launched in India, it will sit between the Nexon subcompact SUV and the Harrier mid-size SUV. It will be based on the Nexon architecture but will come with a unique coupe-style rear end, which is not seen in any mass-produced car in India yet. Once launched, it will compete with the likes of Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota Urban Cruiser Hider, and a number of other mid-sized SUVs in India.

Tata Curvv drivetrain options

As mentioned above, the company aims to achieve the sales target of 48,000 cars with the help of the different powertrain options that will be offered. First and foremost, the company will introduce the electric car model, which will come equipped with the same EV propulsion system as the newly launched Nexon EV. According to sources, the new Curvv EV could be offered with two battery pack options, just like the Nexon EV – the mid-range model and the long-range model. Currently, the Nexon EV MR uses a 30 kWh battery, while the LR model comes with a larger 40.5 kWh battery.

In addition to the EV model, the company will also offer the Curvv model equipped with ICE engines. One of the most anticipated engines for the Curvv is the new 1.5-litre TGDi petrol engine, which was showcased at the Indian Auto Expo 2023 earlier this year. This engine can produce around 170 horsepower and around 280 Nm of torque. Apart from this, the company could also offer the outgoing Nexon diesel and petrol engines in a bid to attract more buyers.


Additionally, there are reports that the company may also offer a Curvv coupe SUV with a CNG engine. Most likely, if this report is true, that car will be offered with Tata Motors’ new dual-cylinder technology CNG kit. However, this has not been confirmed.

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