Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk: Everything you need to know

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk: Everything you need to know

Jeep is known for one thing: off-road-ready trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. But recently, Jeep has had to adapt as the world shifts to its lineup. The 4xe plug-in hybrid system has made its way across the Jeep lineup, first with the Wrangler and now with the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee sits in the middle of the Jeep lineup, below the seven-seat Grand Cherokee L model and the large luxury Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models. It sits above the Renegade, Cherokee, and Compass crossovers. The Trailhawk model sits near the bottom of the Grand Cherokee 4xe lineup; It’s more off-road oriented than the standard base model (simply called 4xe) but not as nice as the Overland, Summit, or Summit Reserve models.

For 2024, the Trailhawk gets new standard 18-inch aluminum wheels painted in black.

All Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe are powered by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Aided by two electric motors and a 17.3-kilowatt-hour battery, the Grand Cherokee 4xe produces an impressive 375 horsepower, sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Grand Cherokee 4xe can travel up to 26 miles on electric power alone.

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk

The Trailhawk stands out from the rest of the 4xe range because it is the most off-road oriented. It gets the same plug-in hybrid setup, but Jeep is adding plenty of mechanical upgrades to the Trailhawk to make it better at conquering trails. For starters, the Trailhawk has all-terrain tires mounted on 18-inch aluminum wheels. It also has a limited-slip rear differential, air suspension, and an off-road camera – all things that help make the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe an off-road beast.

The Trailhawk gets visual upgrades, too — ones that go beyond simple styling changes. Like the rest of the lineup, the Trailhawk’s “Grand Cherokee” and “4xe” badges are blue, but the Trailhawk adds more appearance than the rest. All available colors for the Trailhawk (except one) are two-tone, with the roof finished in black for a tougher, sportier look.

The center of the bonnet is painted in matte black with a bright blue stripe starting from the middle and ending at the base of the windshield, which also adds to the off-road image of the SUV. The 4xe Trailhawk also has three blue tow hooks, two in the front and one in the rear. They are functional hooks that can be used to pull the vehicle out of difficult situations. Overall, the Trailhawk is more muscular and less luxury-oriented than the rest of the group.

We’ve recommended the Trailhawk as a pick for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe lineup before specifically because it’s the best deal out of all the variants. Compared to the standard base model, the Trailhawk’s price is only about $6,000 more, yet the model gains a fleet of off-road designations. It’s excellent for drivers looking for a trail-friendly SUV.

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