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The winners of the “Name the Truck” contest have been revealed in Kannapolis

Published at 12:00 AM Sunday, September 17, 2023

KANNAPOLIS – The City of Kannapolis has announced the winners of its “Name the Truck” contest. The contest was held over the summer when elementary-aged children in Kannapolis were asked to submit creative names for the city’s six street sweepers and leaf vacuum vehicles.

The names chosen reflect the work each of the trucks in the Transportation and Environmental Services Department does every day. Designs were created to bring the names to life and were printed with the winning child’s name on each truck.

“This was a fun way we could draw attention to the work our employees do every day to ensure streets and storm drains are clear of debris and leaves. We hope the trucks make you smile and think about how great The importance of not littering and helping us keep our streets clean.”

Street sweepers are on the streets now, and leaf vacuum trucks will be seen around the city in October once the collection of fallen leaves begins. The children whose works were selected took part in a souvenir photo with their newly designed truck and received a gift certificate.

Street sweepers announce the names of the winners:

“Sweepasaurus” by Henry and Emily Barros, homeschoolers

“Broom!” Submitted by Abel Moreno, JW Carver Elementary School

Paper dump truck names winners:

“Monster Leaf Eater” is presented by Kendra Lopez-Cruz, JW Carver Elementary School

“Leaf Hurricane” produced by Meletis Gadi, homeschooled

“Clean Machine” submitted by Caleb Partee, J.W. Carver Elementary School

“Leaf-o-napolis” Submitted by Kedrick Knox, Forest Park Elementary

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