Kia EV3 concept: everything you need to know

Kia EV3 concept: everything you need to know

As a brand, Kia has been making waves in the electric vehicle segment. While Tesla has been a dominant name and brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz have some of the largest electric lineups at this point, Kia has outlined an expanded lineup of its own electric vehicles. Following the sharp and sporty EV6, the automaker has unveiled the EV9, a three-row electric counterpart to the popular Telluride SUV. The next stage in its electrified rollout is the EV3.

Although it’s just a concept, Kia’s EV3 concept showcases a production car in the very near future, just as the EV9 concept gave way to the production EV9. The Kia EV3 concept is a small crossover with a futuristic and practical design. It was announced at Kia’s EV Day event in October, alongside the EV4 concept.

Exterior photo gallery of the Kia EV3 concept

The EV3 has an upright design somewhat similar to that of the Mini Countryman. It features futuristic LED headlights that frame the front design. Electric cars don’t need a traditional grille, so in theory, the front of an electric car could be completely smooth, but in order to make it more visually appealing, Kia divided the front end with several lines, creases and vents. Blacked-out A-pillars between the windshield and front side windows create a clean, sporty design. This design feature is carried over to the black stripe that blends the rear windows with the rear hatch. The rear of the car features dominant LED taillights and a large spoiler on the roof that results in a rather short rear window. Based on the cut lines, the EV3 appears to have a wide rear opening.

The main purpose of this concept is to showcase the use of sustainable materials in the EV3 and EV4. According to Kia, its designers aimed for an airy cabin inspired by organic materials, as evidenced by the use of natural materials and colours. The lack of a conventional powertrain means no transmission tunnel, so the cabin can be open and spacious. This is similar to the openness of the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s interior.

The concept’s interior features woven fabric for the upholstery. This is made from sustainable fibers using what Kia calls 3D knitting technology. We’ve seen similar use of sustainable fabrics instead of leather in luxury upholstery in cars like the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV. Kia says the 3D knitting technology improves production efficiency by reducing stitches required as well as completely eliminating fabric waste.

Kia EV3 interior concept photo gallery

Kia EV3 concept

The center console between the driver and front passenger is one of the most distinctive sources of materials. It is made using mycelium, derived from the roots of mushrooms, in a process called “biosynthesis.” Apparently, this mycelium can be grown in any desired form. This type of biomanufacturing is still in its early stages.

While Kia has not made any statements about production specifications, the automakers have taken advantage of common platforms to produce electric vehicles. The Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Genesis GV60 all use a common platform with different specifications for production and range. This will likely be the platform that underpins the EV3, which we expect to be positioned and priced lower than the EV6. Expected range is unknown at this point, but it could be similar to the EV6, which can travel up to 310 miles on a charge.

There’s also no word yet on a production timeline, but for reference, the EV9 concept was first shown two years ago, at the 2021 Los Angeles International Auto Show, and will just arrive later this year as a 2024 model. The Kia EV3 could face a rollout cadence similar.

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