Kimbo is an Airstream of truck-mounted turtle shells: durable, cheap camper life

Truck campers come in all shapes and sizes, but every now and then, I come across a machine that stands out from the crowd. Such is the case with Kimbo Campers and their handcrafted aluminum campers. And since we’re on the same page here, you’ll definitely be interested once you know how much one of these babies costs.

Sure, they’ve been in the news for a long time in the past, but Kimbo Campers is so different that it still deserves more attention. After all, this camper manufacturer could be considered the Airstream of the truck-mounted camper world, mainly because of all that aluminum, but again, just read on folks.

Now, Kimbo Campers is one of those crews that doesn’t belong to any brand group, meaning they are able to operate outside of pre-established industry standards. As a result, each Kimbo owner will receive a unique unit. After all, doing things by hand is reflected in the final product.

For starters, let me point out that the manufacturer’s website states that the 6-foot Kimbo campervan starts at $23,000 (€21,500 at current exchange rates), and once you’ve added everything you need, you may very well be looking at a At a price of 41 thousand dollars. This, of course, depends on how off-grid you want your experience to be.

Photo: Kimbo Campers LLC

But make no mistake; Kimbo camps are not designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for absolute luxury. No sir; This is for those of us who want to explore without limits, with all the basics we need and maybe a touch of technology so we can harness the powers of the natural world.

All of this raw goodness starts with a frameless aluminum shell that has been welded, riveted and sealed to prevent the elements from messing with the tortoise shell. There is also a polished finish, as well as R5 insulation. The interior panels are made of brushed fabric and have a soft feel.

Now, just $23,000 gets you a fairly bare-bones unit, with only the basics, like double-pane windows, MaxxAir 4500, and a bamboo entryway/mudroom. Some dimmable lights, jacks, and fasteners. A side ladder to access your roof and solar powered outdoor lights are also included in your purchase.

Inside, on the other hand, there are two padded chairs and a high bed with a full-size mattress. One feature I was surprised to see was the EcoFlow River Pro’s battery, which offers 110V outlets and USB ports for charging. But did you know that EcoFlow products rely on the power of the sun to recharge, among other means?

Kimbo Camper

Photo: Kimbo Campers LLC

For everything else, there’s a Mastercard or whatever payment method you want to use, and frankly, you’ll need to invest a few thousand dollars to read this crap about whatever your adventures throw at you. Fortunately, there’s plenty of wiggle room because the Kimbo comes with a dry weight between 900 pounds (408 kg) and 1,188 pounds (539 kg).

Also be sure to delve into what size trucks the Kimbo can fit. Why? The base unit is suitable for beds 6 feet (1.8 meters) or larger, so full-size trucks are on the list as well. However, you will need to modify your bed, as is the case for most campers of this type.

From here, there are two ways you can do things: either bring the equipment you already have and find ways to make it fit, or you can sit back and let Kimbo handle the whole process. All you have to do is tell them what you want, and maybe even where you want it, pay for everything, sign the receipt, and watch the magic happen.

As you do, you’ll see a kitchen unit come to life, a solar-powered system and a refrigerator too, as well as a bathroom setup inside and away from the elements. To maximize space, you can order a foldable bed setup, floor storage, tracks and ceiling racks for equipment that can take a hit.

Kimbo Camper

Photo: Kimbo Campers LLC

By the time you’re done maxing out your Kimbo with everything the manufacturer has to offer, you’ll hit the $41,000 mark, but the results will be like what you see in the photo gallery. I encourage you to review this section of this article; It will help you understand what is possible.

For the next few moments or so, I want you to try a little imagination exercise. Picture yourself in the middle of a Kimbo mounted on the back of your favorite truck. You might see yourself at the base of some mountains, or at the edge of a forest tree line, or on a beach.

As you do so, you look around and realize that a life worth living does not depend on space and luxury; It’s based on pushing your limits, and testing them by the world that made you in the first place. Can you resist? Sure you can!

You’ll end up smiling through the whole process, with a hard drive full of photos of where you’ve been, texts of how the world made you feel, and where you might be headed from here. What do you do with $23,000?

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