Lexus LBX: high-tech champion

Lexus LBX: high-tech champion

  • Lexus is an all-new compact crossover packed with “big car” technology.
  • Outstanding standard specifications for advanced safety, comfort, convenience and connectivity, plus a wide range of technology-based options

Cutting-edge technologies that take care of every aspect of your safety, comfort, entertainment and communication have become an essential feature of today’s leading luxury cars. But if you thought such advanced systems were reserved for larger, more expensive models, the all-new Lexus LBX will make you think again.

From the beginning of the development program, Lexus set out to change any preconceived notion that customers who opted for a smaller model would have to settle for something lower in quality. This is not only limited to the luxury of craftsmanship and the quality of the driving experience, but also to the richness of equipment specifications.

The LBX compact crossover, the brand’s smallest model to date, is equipped as standard with an impressive array of high-tech features, with many more available as options. It is another example of Lexus challenging the status quo in the market and an expression of its commitment to putting the customer first and “making luxury personal.”

Technology that puts safety first

When it comes to safety, every LBX model offers the peace of mind of the comprehensive third generation Lexus Safety System+ fitted as standard – just as on higher-end Lexus models. Its systems constantly monitor the traffic environment throughout the vehicle, giving rapid warnings when the risk of an accident is detected and intelligently providing assistance when needed – steering, braking and steering force – to help prevent a collision.

The technology is advanced, but it works naturally for the driver. It can also make the task of driving less stressful by automatically keeping the car in the center of its lane, at a safe distance from the car in front and at the right speed for cornering.

Even parking is less stressful thanks to the advanced parking system that smoothly and efficiently guides the car into place, and controls steering, braking and transmission. With Remote Park, the driver can start parking automatically using an app on his smartphone. They don’t have to be inside the car at the time, so it’s ideal when space is very tight.

The latest safety developments also include e-Latch, a seamless and improved electronic door opening system with Safe Exit Assist function that automatically prevents the door from opening into the path of traffic from behind.

Digital dimension

The LBX comes with a complete digital infotainment and connectivity package, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience. For the driver, the focused Tazuna concept features Lexus’ first 12.3-inch digital display. Its appearance changes depending on the vehicle’s selected driving mode and the driver can customize the design to suit his personal preferences.

There’s also the convenient digital key option: no need for a physical key fob, you can unlock and start the car using your smartphone – all that’s required is just having it with you. Up to five people can be authorized on the app, so car sharing just got easier and safer.

Informed and entertaining

On the center console is a 9.8-inch touchscreen for Lexus Link Connect multimedia operation which includes a cloud-based navigation system that is constantly updated with the latest traffic conditions to aid in easy trip planning. The system includes a voice agent that recognizes commands in everyday speech and can be used even when sound is on.

Lexus’ Link+ multimedia package takes things up a notch, with more functions for intelligent trip planning and local information.

There are up to five USB ports throughout the cabin and smartphones can be instantly integrated with the car’s multimedia system – wirelessly for Apple CarPlay and with a wired connection for Android Auto.

When it comes to safety and multimedia functions, software updates are delivered over the air for installation when convenient for the driver, so there is no need to visit the service shop.

For the best in-car sound, exclusive Lexus partner Mark Levinson designed a premium 13-speaker surround-sound system specifically to fit the LBX’s interior.

Comfort and luxury

A comfortable cabin environment is maintained whatever the weather outside, thanks to the Lexus Climate Concierge service. This coordinates the different heating and ventilation sources to ensure temperatures are tailored to suit everyone on board. Using the Lexus Link app, you can heat or cool the cabin, or start defrosting the windshield, before setting off on a trip.

On-board well-being is enhanced by the option of nanoe-X air quality technology. This sends a flow of microscopic water molecules into the cabin which has been proven to prevent viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors. It also helps in keeping the skin and hair hydrated as well.

An ambient lighting system is available, helping to set the tone to suit the driver’s mood, journey or time of day with a range of 64 different colors across a series of thematic settings to evoke different ambiances, from calm and relaxed to active and active.

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