Lots of options and risk free as a used car

Lots of options and risk free as a used car

Lex Kerssemakers worked for years at Volvo’s head office just outside Gothenburg and was in the infancy of the XC60. He convinced management to put this mid-sized SUV into production. A golden opportunity, because approximately 1.1 million cars were sold between 2008 and 2017. At that time this model was still a purely Swedish affair. In 2010, Chinese conglomerate Geely acquired Volvo Cars, and the second generation XC60, released in 2017, shares various components with other models from Geely’s stable.

The XC60 sits on the same platform as the Volvo S/V60, S/V90 and. Volvo has banned larger engines, and since 2020, diesel engines have also become taboo in Sweden. However, Volvo is not planning to release a fully electric version either, because to achieve that you have to go all the way to the XC40. The XC60 is built in Sweden, but the T4/B4 versions come from China. There are a range of options: you can choose between four diesel and four petrol versions, front or all-wheel drive, standard suspension or air suspension, and there are hybrids that are more popular in the Netherlands than the completely fossilized options. You only have a manual gearbox with the D3 diesel, the rest is automatic. Plus, there are countless versions, options and colors to customize your Volvo XC60.

Strong competition for the Volvo XC60

From day one, the XC60 sold like hot cake. More than 10,000 of them were sold in the Netherlands, not including imported parallel cars. With these numbers, it easily beats strong competition from the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Toyota RAV4. This is a very good achievement! The XC60 is very spacious and comfortable, has a low noise level and is almost naturally equipped with premium seats. In terms of finish, the current version scores much better than its predecessor.

Suitable for Volvo XC60

At Bangarage in the south-east of Amsterdam, the XC60 T5 Momentum, built in 2018 with 73,830 kilometers on the odometer, is ready for us. This version has the third weakest gasoline engine and the second lowest level of equipment. But… you can’t call the XC60 stupid, because at 250 horsepower, it’s got enough engines.

Suitable for Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 T5: 250 hp. This is like new under the hood. Unfortunately, this copy has already been sold out.

This model has been around for six years now and a successor is not long in coming, but the SUV still looks as fresh as it did in 2017, when it was introduced. The interior design is also impressive: nice materials, plastics and carpets. Additionally, the 2022 model features improved Google Android and new cameras and sensors. In practice, the system does not always work flawlessly. The older Volvo Sensus appears to be more reliable, but is rated as slow.

Suitable for Volvo XC60

Serious mechanical issues are not (yet) an issue with the Volvo XC60 from 2017 onwards, as the engines are holding up well. Timing belts need to be replaced only after 160 thousand kilometers or ten years.

There have been several recalls for the Volvo XC60

There have been several recalls, with the tailgate lift levers being the most notable issue. Sometimes the tailgate lock refuses to work, and in some cases the central locking does not work. Other recalls are related to software updates. An example of this is AEB, Automatic Brake Assist. The eight-speed automatic transmission fitted to all XC60s sometimes prevents the car from starting smoothly. A software update usually helps, but the box should also have new automatic transmission fluid (ATF) every 60,000 kilometres. This is an important factor when it comes to smooth gear changes and achieving a long service life.

Suitable for Volvo XC60

Not an insignificant recall is the fuel pump fuse. It was initially small in size (15 amp). If it breaks, the car stops. Volvo has addressed this by using a heavier fuse – a 20 amp. Volvo makes improvements often, such as the tank capacity (increased to 71 litres), the rubber strip between the tailgate and the fender that prevents the build-up of dirt, the hybrids having more range and a more powerful electric motor.

AutoBild passed the 100,000 km test well

AutoBild colleagues have covered 100,000 kilometers with the XC60 T8 Twin (plug-in hybrid) engine in two years. They were very happy with the comfort and finish, and less happy with the infotainment and fuel economy. In addition, they found the all-electric driving range to be substandard. Thirty kilometers instead of the promised fifty kilometers, which is of course not possible. They also found that consumption (8.7 liters/100 km) is high. However, don’t forget that Germans usually drive much faster than us (in the Netherlands, 100 km/h) and this T8 invites you to drive smoothly. They also found some rust on the wishbones of the XC60. Even more serious were the exhaust manifold seal on the first cylinder and the broken block of the first catalytic converter. Regardless of these results, which certainly qualify for points deduction, the colleagues were very satisfied. The D5 also passed the 100,000 km test excellently. Only a sticky AdBlue valve caused the “Check Engine” light to come on.

Suitable for Volvo XC60

Many aluminum components in the suspension. If you choose a car with high mileage, look at the axle box and any play on the pivot points.

A test drive is an important part of the purchasing process. Check all systems, especially those related to the MOT, such as the lane departure system and systems that help prevent collisions, such as the AEB system mentioned above. Of course you have to check the operation of the air conditioning and multimedia system. You can also see if the brakes are free of vibrations and if the car has wheel imbalance. After all, the twisted wheel ends up in the leaves. These are all things the car can’t do anything about, but they could cost or save you euros.

Little risk with a used XC60

Does buying an XC60 involve too much risk? Everything points to “no” if you buy a well-maintained car. This XC60 tells its story quickly. You can immediately see if the previous owner was sympathetic to it or if the vacuum has never been run in it before. Choose the best, preferably one with a consistent maintenance history. There is a lot of choice.

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