Lucid is preparing to fight the Tesla Model Y

Lucid is preparing to fight the Tesla Model Y

Right-hand drive production has been confirmed for the all-new battery-electric mid-size crossover/SUV

Lucid Motors Tesla is poised to go mainstream with the Tesla Model Y competitor and an all-new Model 3 that will start at US$50,000 (AU$73,000) when it hits the second half of this decade.

The midsize electric crossover/SUV is designed to be Lucid’s least expensive vehicle yet, and will sit below the current large Lucid Air and Gravity SUVboth with a starting price of US$80,000 (US$118,000).

The new, smaller Lucid model is due to arrive just after the brand’s UK launch in 2025, and will be available in right-hand drive, opening the door wider to the California carmaker’s Australian introduction.

Talking to OttokarLucid CEO Peter Rawlinson said the motivation behind the affordable model was to rapidly increase the brand’s global sales.

Clear air

“We have to deal with volume, because that’s what we’re about,” he said.

Rawlinson, who was one of the engineers of the Tesla Model S, did not discuss what form the new Lucid would take.

But given the global success of the Model Y, the company is sure to introduce a mid-sized SUV.

Tesla Model Y

“The midsize (model) will be an outright competitor to Tesla — the Model 3, the Model Y. This is the first time I’ve ever said that: We’re going to compete in this market — a full-size family car.” ,” He said.

“And how can we compete? Because we have the most advanced technology, which means we can go further with a smaller battery, and the battery is the most expensive component of an electric car.

“So, if you can go a certain distance on a lower battery, you can make that car cheaper than anyone else.”

Clear air

The new Lucid model is expected to mirror the current Air by offering buyers a long driving range and quick recharging, thanks to the available 900-volt electrical architecture.

The new model should also feature advanced aerodynamics and class-leading packaging thanks to small but powerful electric motors that, together with a small transmission and inverter, take up little space with the skateboard structure.

Announcing that the carmaker’s right-hand drive program is about to begin, Rawlinson confirmed that the Air Limousine will be the first drive-in car to launch in the UK.

Clear air

“We have to do right-hand drive air. To do that, it would probably take us 18 months, and we’ve been criticized a lot, because I have my whole lead engineering team doing all the design and development work for Gravity,” he said.

“Realistically, it takes two years. I would love it to be less. If we started tomorrow, it would be 18 months.”

As well as the new entry form, A leaked full-size clay model of a pickup based on the Gravity SUV also recently appearedWhich suggests that a Rivian R1T or Tesla Cybertruck competitor may also be in the pipeline.

Lucid originally started taking orders from Australian buyers in 2020 but then stopped due to RHD production delays. There’s still no word on when Lucid will launch here.

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