Mazda survey reveals that 85% of parents will travel with their children this holiday season, and their biggest fear is here: children hurt by cars

Mazda survey reveals that 85% of parents will travel with their children this holiday season, and their biggest fear is here: children hurt by cars

  • Mazda survey reveals parents’ biggest pain points when traveling with children
  • 61% of parents worry about their children getting car sick while traveling
  • The brand collaborates with Dr. Mona Amina board-certified pediatrician, to help relieve symptoms of car sickness and highlight the unique features of the new 2024 CX-90.

Irvine, California., November 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the holidays approaching, many families across the country are preparing to travel, and the majority of them will be taking a road trip. A new survey* conducted by Mazda North American Operations found that 85% of parents or caregivers plan to travel by car this year. For parents with three to four children, the probability of traveling by car rises to 93%.

Earlier this year, Mazda introduced the first-ever 2024 CX-90, a premium three-row crossover designed to provide a connected driving experience that helps create a more comfortable and smoother ride for families. With many out on the road this holiday season, Mazda sought to understand the biggest challenges families face. When traveling with children, more than 3 in 5 respondents (61%) say they worry about their child getting car sick. This concern is valid given that nearly half of participants (48%) had been exposed to a sick child in their car.

To help parents prevent and treat children with car sickness this holiday travel season, Mazda is partnering with Dr. Mona Amin, a board-certified general pediatrician, certified lactation consultant, parenting coach, mother and influencer. Dr. Amin has developed tips for parents to address car sickness while highlighting how the Mazda CX-90’s features can help relieve pain points often associated with car sickness and sitting in the back rows of larger vehicles.

“Parents and children alike come into my office all the time asking questions about how to treat nausea symptoms, especially when riding in the second and third row of a car or on longer, bumpy trips,” Dr. Amin said. “Motion sickness occurs when your brain receives conflicting information from your inner ears, eyes, and nerves — your body essentially can’t tell whether it’s moving or not — resulting in a feeling of nausea. There are many ways to relieve the symptoms of car sickness, and often you can start by taking advantage Of the features inside the car, especially the Mazda CX-90.”

Dr. Amin’s tips for treating and preventing car sickness include the following:

  • Increase air flowFresh air and keeping the car temperature cooler can help relieve nausea symptoms because it counteracts the natural effort to raise the body temperature. Nearly all Mazda survey respondents (87%) said fresh air flow and keeping the vehicle temperature cooler through third-row vents, or open windows, helps with car sickness symptoms.
  • Look at the horizon or a stationary distant object: Looking straight ahead can reduce the conflict between the senses that causes motion sickness. To encourage children riding in the back to look ahead or play “I Spy” by picking up distant objects. 76% of survey respondents agree that looking to the future helps treat car sickness, while 66% of respondents believe that stabilizing vision is a successful treatment.
  • Avoid reading or looking at screens: Reading or looking at screens can increase the confusion between our visual signals and the sensation of movement in the inner ear. Instead of screen time, consider an audiobook or music to entertain your backseat passengers. In fact, three-quarters of survey respondents said reducing time spent in front of screens helps relieve car sickness.

Besides reducing car sickness, seating flexibility and comfort are important factors to consider during family road trips. In fact, when it comes to deciding who sits where, the third row is often a point of contention with 40% of parents saying their children fight over who sits in the last row.

To address these concerns, the CX-90 features a combination of beautiful design and powerful performance, while prioritizing the comfort and well-being of all passengers:

  • Flexible seating: Mazda’s most spacious crossover can seat up to eight people, with third-row seating, second-row bench seating, or dual caption chairs with the option of a center console. 17% of the sample complained of not being able to see the road or get out of the window from the back row. The CX-90’s third row is high and has large windows, so all passengers, no matter where they sit, have a clear view of the road ahead.
  • Ease of use: Nearly a quarter of parents (24%) said it can be difficult to get in and out of the back row. The CX-90’s rear doors open 90 degrees, making unloading and loading more convenient — especially for passengers entering and exiting the back rows. With third-row ventilation, a Bose audio system, and USB-C ports for charging, the third row is not only comfortable, it’s convenient, too.

With a sleek design and sophisticated color options like Artisan Red and Rhodium White, drivers can customize seating positions, audio and climate control settings based on their preferences. All passengers and drivers can enjoy a smooth ride in a beautiful car this holiday season.

About Mazda’s operations in North America
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when. Mona Amin
doctor. Mona Amin She is a board-certified general pediatrician, IBCLC, parenting coach, social media star, and mother. I’ve appeared on, The New York TimesGood Morning America, ABC Nightly News, Romper, Condé Nast Traveler, VeryWell Family, and NBC News. She works in private practice and is passionate about educating parents and caregivers about better care for their children. On her Instagram account (@pedsdoctalk), her podcast (, and her YouTube channel (PedsDocTalk TV), she shares educational information about the most common concerns of parents.

*Survey methodology
The survey of 1,000 adults over the age of 25 in the United States was conducted in collaboration with The Logit Group. Responses were collected over a two-week period October 2023and focused on those adults who currently own or lease a three-row vehicle.

Source: Mazda North American Operations

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