Michelin CrossClimate tires save your mobile service provider time and money

Michelin CrossClimate tires save your mobile service provider time and money

One of the most popular tires for those who drive in areas where winters are very severe is the Michelin CrossClimate line of tires. This tire is best known for the CrossClimate2 car, crossover, and SUV versions, but Michelin also makes the CrossClimate tire for those who drive mobile work trucks. After dozens of customers requested a CrossClimate tire for their vehicles, Jay Kondrick, owner and operator of Boston Mobile Tire, had a truck set that he relied on for his income. Here is his story.

Tennessee – How important is it for a truck that you can trust in any weather?
Jay – The truck is my job. If it doesn’t work, I don’t work.

Tennessee -Why not just the cheapest, longest lasting tire for your truck?
Jay -There’s really no such thing as cheap and long-lasting in my experience. Especially on a tire rated to handle the loads that a typical cargo truck is rated for. Cheap tires don’t hold up. I supply tires for the fleet of delivery trucks you see on the road every day. When I started with that customer, we were supplying him with the cheapest tires we could find. It wasn’t unusual for a tire to get less than 10,000 miles. I convinced the client’s management team to try Michelin based on my own experience, and now they get double the mileage. We are seeing fewer flats and cut sidewalls. Drivers like the ride better, too.

Tennessee – What can CrossClimate tires do when applied to a truck like yours that other tire models cannot do?
Jay – The Michelin CrossClimate tire line provides a better, quieter ride. CrossClimate tires provide superior all-weather traction and seem to last much longer.

Tennessee – What is the benefit of using this framework in your work?
Jay -It’s just one less thing to worry about. The truck is safe, reliable and ready to work. I personally appreciated how quiet and comfortable the ride was too. I’m heading up to New Hampshire this weekend to go racing and I’ll be taking the truck. It’s honestly a car for road trips. What more can you ask for from a tool?

Tennessee -Who do you recommend the Michelin CrossClimate series to?
Jay -Everyone in southern New England. I have switched most of my friends and family to CrossClimate2s, and everyone has given positive feedback. There is still a need for dedicated winter tires, perhaps studded up north, but here, those are the bee’s knees. When customers ask me what the best four-season tire on pavement is, I simply tell them that I can sell cheaper tires, but I don’t think there’s a better tire for most people than a Michelin CrossClimate2. I’m building a business for the long term, so even though I may pass up an opportunity to replace tires at a low price here and there, doing the right thing should pay off in the long run.

Tennessee – Have your customers been specifically asking about this tire model?
Jay -The CrossClimate line is probably the most sought-after tire we sell. Kudos to the Michelin team, but it also boils down to people knowing a good thing when they see it. Consumer Reports, Tire Rack, and my personal favorite, TireReviews, all raves about the CrossClimate line.
Tennessee -Wait a minute, you mean? I Not your favorite source of tire content?!
Jay – no comment.

Tennessee -We all know that no single tire can meet the needs of all drivers. Can you speak to some instances where CrossClimate may not be the optimal choice?

Jay – There are definitely people who have to stick with a combination of two sets of summer/winter tires – whether due to vehicle (e.g. a Porsche or a high-performance electric car) or use. My daughter takes her Prius to the ski slopes every weekend, so she uses Defender/X-ice tires, depending on the season.

This story is not a paid advertisement for Michelin or Boston Mobile Tire. Jay is the service provider that does most of our tire work when we swap test tires on and off, and he is known in the Boston area as the best on-site tire service provider for drivers who value attention to detail and quality work done. right. Jay is also a resource that many automotive media outlets reach out to for help answering technical questions about tires. We thank Jay for providing his thoughts on the Michelin CrossClimate tire line. Note that the AGILIS CrossClimate tires for vans are slightly different from the CrossClimate2s fitted to passenger vehicles but belong to the same brand family.

Photos courtesy of Jay Kondrick.

John Gorham He is an experienced member of the New England Motor Press Association and an expert in vehicle testing. John completed an engineering program with a focus on electric vehicles, followed by two decades working in high-tech, biopharmaceuticals and the automotive supply chain before becoming a news contributor. In addition to his eleven years at Torque News, John has published thousands of articles and reviews in American media. He is known for providing unfiltered opinions on vehicular topics. You can follow John on TwitterConnect with him on LinkedIn.

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