Mini Countryman Electric 2025: Everything you need to know

Mini Countryman Electric 2025: Everything you need to know

Just a few years ago, the first electric Mini Cooper hit the market. Branded the Cooper SE, this fun-to-drive electric car was only available as a two-door hardtop, the smallest model in the Mini Cooper lineup. Now, Mini is adding a new electric car to the lineup, and this time it will be an electric version of the biggest car the British automaker has to offer – the Countryman.

The Mini Countryman SE ALL4 is an all-electric crossover that, as the name suggests, will come standard with all-wheel drive. Not only does the new Countryman get an electric motor, but it has been redesigned with wider wheel arches, shorter overhangs, a sculpted hood and distinctive headlights for a bold look. The roofline slopes back, giving the Countryman the appearance of movement, and extends beyond the rear window, ending in a roof-mounted rear spoiler. The Countryman SE’s rear view features vertical taillights, giving the Mini a wide stance and helping it stand out more at night, further enhanced by the redesigned rear bumper.

Unique 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels add to the bold look while at the same time contributing to improved aerodynamics. The Countryman SE achieves a low drag coefficient of just 0.26, which helps increase efficiency and overall driving range.

“The new all-wheel drive, all-electric Mini Countryman is the epitome of versatility and driving pleasure. It is the first Mini ‘Made in Germany’ and represents a model of environmentally friendly mobility. Thanks to its increased dimensions, it is a car for the whole family,” says Stephanie Wurst, Head of Mini. “.

Powering the new Countryman SE ALL4 is a dual-motor electric drivetrain that generates 313 horsepower and 363 pound-feet of torque, which should provide spirited performance. According to Mini, the electric Countryman will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 5.6 seconds.

2025 Mini Countryman Electric

Mini Countryman SE ALL4

The 66.45 kWh battery will provide an estimated range of about 245 miles. The Mini Countryman SE can be charged using a DC fast charger at rates up to 130 kW. With this connection, it will take less than 30 minutes to bring the battery level from 10 percent to 80 percent. The Mini will also have a Plug & Charge feature, which allows the vehicle to be recognized by public charging stations, so the driver only needs to plug in without needing additional permission to initiate power delivery.

The Countryman SE will be the first Mini to offer the Driving Assistant Professional programme, which allows partially automated Level 2 driving on selected divided highways at speeds up to 37 mph. This system is designed to relieve the stress of driving in traffic; However, even though it is designed to be hands-free, the system still requires the driver to remain attentive.

Larger in all its dimensions than the previous generation Countryman, the new version offers much more interior space, both for passengers and cargo. The Countryman’s cabin has a clean design that gives the Mini a modern look. The familiar circular display is still present in the middle of the dashboard, reminiscent of the original Minis that kept the speedometer and gauges in the middle. A large 9.4-inch high-resolution circular OLED display features driving information and infotainment functions. Almost all of the physical controls have been removed, adding to the new look.

Mini will offer experience modes that can change the graphic elements of the center display and adjust ambient lighting throughout the cabin, as well as lights integrated into the dashboard. Unique driving sounds accompany the theme for a fully immersive experience.

The 2025 Mini Cooper Countryman SE ALL4 is available for pre-order starting at around $45,000. Although Mini has not officially announced a go-on-sale date, we expect the new electric Mini to arrive in showrooms early next year.

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