More than 140,000 Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks need their fuel pumps replaced

More than 140,000 Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks need their fuel pumps replaced

The German automaker says the fuel pump has an impeller that could warp

July 3, 2023 at 11:20

Mercedes-Benz has issued two major recalls in the United States, both related to a fuel pump issue that could cause vehicles to shut down.

The first recall covers 143,551 passenger models while the second covers 20,500 models of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris. In both cases, the recall notices state that the affected vehicles have a fuel pump impeller that may not meet specifications “with respect to material properties.”

A defect can cause the impeller to deform and if it comes into contact with the fuel pump housing, this can lead to mechanical resistance. This could shut off the fuel pump, causing the vehicle to lose traction and increasing the risk of an accident or injury. Mercedes-Benz says the problem is due to a deviation in the production process of a sub-supplier.

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Owners of vehicles affected by the problem may be alerted by a warning message displayed in the instrument cluster. They may also notice that the engine is running rough.

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A dizzying array of passenger models are affected by the recall. These include 2021-2023 C300, 2021-2023 AMG SL 55, 2021-2023 E350, 2021-2023 E450, 2021-2023 AMG C43, 2021-2022 G550, 2021 AMG C63, 2021-2023 GLC 3 00, 2021-2023 c 63 S, 2022-2023 AMG E53, 2023 AMG E 63 S, 2021-2022 GLE450, 2021 GLE580, 2021-2023 GLS 450, 2021-2023 AMG G63, 2021-2023 GLS 580, 2022 G63 4×4, 2021-2023 Maybach GLS600, 2021-2023 AMG GLC 43, 2021-2023 Maybach S580, 2022-2023 Maybach S680, 2021 AMG GLC 63, 2022-2023 S500, 2021 AMG GLC 63 S, 2021-2023 AMG S580, 2021-2022 AMG GLE 53, 2022 AMG GL 63, 2023 AMG SL 43, 2021-2023 AMG 63 S, 2022-2023 AMG SL 63, 2021 -2023 AMG 63, 2022-2023 AMG GT 43, 2022-2023 AMG GT 53, 2023 AMG GT 63, 2023 AMG GT 63 S, 2022-2023 CLS 450, and 2023 S580e.

All affected vehicles were produced between June 1, 2021 and November 30, 2022. The recall also includes the 2021-2022 Mercedes-Benz Metris, 2021-2023 Sprinter, and 2021 Freightliner Sprinter models, all of which were manufactured between April 21, 2021 and December. 23, 2022.

Mercedes-Benz will solve the problem by replacing the fuel delivery unit in the affected vehicles.

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