New Toyota Sport Crossover concept revealed: a four-door electric coupe coming in 2025

New Toyota Sport Crossover concept revealed: a four-door electric coupe coming in 2025

This is the latest in a series of new concept cars from Toyota, the Sport Crossover. It’s an all-electric four-door coupe designed with style in mind, read on to find out everything you need to know.

  • New Toyota Sport Crossover unveiled
  • Four-door coupe with a sporty appearance
  • Design cues from the new C-HR
  • Battery technology can be shared with the bZ4X
  • On sale in 2025

Unveiled at the brand’s Kenshiki Forum in Brussels, the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept is a new sporty-looking four-door coupe designed to take on the likes of the BMW i4 and Polestar 2.

This all-electric car will debut in Europe in 2025, with some new battery technology on board to help increase range and reduce charging times.

New design for the Toyota Sport Crossover

The Toyota Sport Crossover Concept isn’t a high-riding SUV as the name suggests, it’s actually a four-door coupe designed to offer a stylish alternative to cars like the BMW i4 and Polestar 2.

The front fascia will be easy to recognize for fans of the new Toyota C-HR, as it takes a lot of design cues from that car. Those ultra-slim headlights that blend seamlessly into a full-width light bar, combined with the low, pointed nose, give the crossover concept an aggressive, purposeful look.

Down the side are the obligatory massive alloy wheels you’d normally find on a concept car, something that could be toned down once the company’s accountants were involved, and there are plenty of bold creases and complex lines to keep things looking interesting.

Looking towards the rear, those taillights have a similar shape to the headlights, and the fins extending from the roof are a feature we first saw on the Toyota bZ4X. Being an electric car, there are no fake exhausts here, just some subtle vents and black plastic trim.

Batteries and range of the new Toyota Sport Crossover

Toyota hasn’t actually confirmed any technical specifications for the new Carport Crossover concept, except that it may share parts with the current bZ4X. Toyota is also working on some new battery technology for 2026 that may make its way into this car in the future.

The Toyota bZ4X uses a 71 kWh battery and can travel up to 318 miles on a charge. This Sport Crossover concept will be more aerodynamic than you’d think given its low, low profile, so it might be able to get a few extra miles on a charge.

From 2026 onwards, Toyota aims to offer a next-generation battery which it says will more than double the range of the bZ4X, while also being 20% ​​cheaper to produce. This could give future Toyota models a range of more than 500 miles.

When can I buy the new Toyota Sport Crossover Concept?

The Toyota Sport Crossover Concept will debut in 2025, and will likely remain virtually unchanged when it enters production.

If you look at the Toyota C-HR Prologue concept from 2022, and then compare it to the final production car you can order today, you’ll notice that it’s fairly identical. This means you can expect the design of this stylish coupe to remain virtually unchanged.

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