New Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV teased: Entry-level electric crossover coming in 2026

New Volkswagen ID.  2all SUV teased: Entry-level electric crossover coming in 2026

Volkswagen has given us a first look at the new ID. 2all SUV, a lifted version of the entry-level electric hatchback we saw earlier this year. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

  • New Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV teased
  • Electric SUVs for beginners
  • Design cues from the ID. 2 All hatchbacks
  • One motor powers the front wheels
  • It can have a range of more than 260 miles
  • On sale in 2026

This is the new Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV, a small electric crossover that will go on sale in 2026.

You will share a lot of parts with the ID. 2all hatchback that was revealed earlier this year, meaning it will have front-wheel drive and can produce 226 horsepower.

New Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV design

This teaser image is your only look at the new Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV, and although it doesn’t reveal much, you can see a few design cues.

It looks like it will have a sleek LED headlight design similar to the hatchback, as well as the same pointed nose. You can expect to see the same full-width light bar as that car as well.

Expect similar design cues to the all-hatchback ID.2 (pictured)

Looking at the side profile, it appears to have a nice squared-off rear end with a sporty-looking roof spoiler, and you can see the same three-stripe graphics that you’ll find on the Volkswagen ID.Buzz.

New Volkswagen ID. 2All SUV engines and batteries

While there are no official statistics for the new ID. 2all SUV, will be based on the same underpinnings as the hatchback. This means you can expect to see similar numbers for that car.

Volkswagen has confirmed that this new electric SUV will be front-wheel drive, meaning it will likely use the same 226bhp engine as the hatchback. This car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.0 seconds, so expect the larger all-wheel drive version to slightly exceed that number.

As for the battery, there is no information about its size yet other than the identification number. All hatchbacks can travel up to 280 miles on a charge. Being a larger SUV, you can expect a range of around 260 miles.

When can I buy a new Volkswagen ID? 2All SUVs?

Volkswagen will unveil this new electric SUV in 2026, so you can expect sales to start at the end of that year. It will certainly fetch a premium over the hatchback, with a starting price of around £30,000.

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