Next DLP and Torq announce new integration for hyper-automation to detect and respond to insider threats

Next DLP and Torq announce new integration for hyper-automation to detect and respond to insider threats

Electric car maker Rivian will use the joint solution to further strengthen its defenses against today’s complex threats

BOSTON–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Next DLP (“Next”), a leader in insider risk and data protection, today announced a strategic partnership with Torq, a leader in superior security automation, designed to combat insider risks through increased detection and responsiveness. Mechanism. procedures. Electric adventure vehicle company Rivian will benefit from the deep insight provided by the joint solution to highlight internal risks to prevent inadvertent data loss and stop malicious theft of valuable intellectual property. It will fully integrate Next DLP’s Reveal Platform – a user-centric, agile, cloud-native, AI/ML-powered cybersecurity solution – with the enterprise-grade Torq Hyperautomation platform, which automates and connects complex security infrastructures at scale. .

This partnership promises to timely stop suspicious activity in its tracks through a variety of actions including automated warnings to relevant parties and, when necessary, temporary account disabling or access restriction. The integration will also automate the policy enforcement process, with data fed into the Reveal platform through Torq Hyperautomation used to prevent users from accessing websites known to be unauthorized or malicious, reducing potential data loss.

Importantly, both platforms have rich and powerful APIs, making this two-way integration more flexible: Reveal can run Torq’s own automation playbooks, at the same time Torq can securely communicate with Reveal to run Torq queries. Urgent searches or transmission issues are flagged by third-party ticketing systems.

“We have long admired Torq Hyperautomation and are thrilled to partner with them on these highly sought-after tools,” said John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP. “With the best-in-class data protection and internal risk management technologies provided by the Reveal Platform working alongside Torq Hyperautomation, Rivian and other companies can rest assured that their trade secrets and intellectual property will stay out of the wrong hands.”

“Together, the Torq Hyperautomation and Next DLP Reveal platforms significantly raise Rivian’s security posture in an increasingly complex environment with threat actors constantly evolving their attack vectors,” said Eldad Livni, co-founder and CINO at Torq. . “Innovative, cutting-edge companies like Rivian recognize the incredible value that the AI-driven Torq Hyperautomation platform provides to their SecOps teams. Rivian, Torq and Next DLP have seamlessly integrated their independent expertise across multiple areas to ensure Rivian can focus on delivering the world’s most advanced electric vehicles with confidence that its cybersecurity protections are as strong as possible.

The granular visibility into internal operations facilitated by Next DLP’s Reveal Platform, integrated with the Torq Hyperautomation Platform, adds a much-needed layer of security in today’s threat environment. Customers deploying this integration will be able to connect users across systems and map them into a single data set, simplifying threat detection and strengthening their overall security posture.

“Torq and Next DLP are invaluable partners in protecting our organization, enabling fast and effective responses, and simplifying detection and remediation of insider threats,” said Tim Volanich, senior cybersecurity engineer at Rivian. “This partnership marks the beginning of a completely new approach to data protection and internal risk management and reflects our commitment to protecting our intellectual property and the data of our end customers.”

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Next DLP (“Next”) is a leading provider of data protection and insider risk solutions. The Reveal Platform by Next detects risks, stops data loss, educates employees, and meets security, compliance, and regulatory needs. The company’s leadership brings decades of cyber and technology experience from Fortra (fka HelpSystems), Digital Guardian, Crowdstrike, Forcepoint, Mimecast, IBM, Cisco, and Veracode. Next is trusted by organizations large and small, from the Fortune 100 to fast-growing healthcare and technology companies. For more information, visit

About Rivian

Rivian, headquartered in Irvine, California, is among the world’s leading electric vehicle companies, with more than 14,000 employees working in facilities across the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to its popular electric trucks like the 2024 Rivian R1T, which received a 10 out of 10 rating from Car and Driver, Rivian is currently teaming up with Amazon to get 100,000 electric delivery trucks on the road by 2030. The next DLP and Torq partnership promises to help Rivian navigate an environment Full of threats, with more than half of companies facing significant threats from insider risks.

About Turk

Torq is transforming cybersecurity with its leading enterprise-grade AI-driven hyper-automation platform. By connecting the entire security infrastructure stack, Torq makes autonomous security operations a reality. It enables organizations to process security events instantly and accurately, and coordinate complex security operations at scale. Fortune 500 companies, including the largest financial, technology, consumer packaged goods, fashion, hospitality, and sports apparel companies, achieve extraordinary results with Torq. Learn more about Torq Hyperautomation at:

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