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Orange EV’s new Husk-e has a gross curb rating of 180,000 pounds.

Photo: Orange EV

Orange EV, an electric truck manufacturer, has launched its Husk-e Series electric terminal truck, specially designed to handle the demanding needs of port operations, rail and intermodal sites, and other heavy-duty applications.

The Husk-e complements Orange EV’s existing e-Triever offering by providing customers with a “big dog,” said Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV president and CTO.

“The Husk-e is specifically designed for port and rail power, torque and payload requirements while continuing to provide the unparalleled reliability, driveability and serviceability that Orange EV has become known for after eight years of producing and delivering pure electric dogs,” Newtgens said.

The new terminal tractor was announced during the Intermodal Association of North America Expo, held at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, California.

Performance of electric trucks

The Husk-e Series delivers the power and endurance fleets need, according to Orange EV, while increasing driver safety and comfort with reduced noise and vibration, no diesel exhaust, no transmission, better visibility, 50% lower stopping distance, and a Superior inside the cab.

Specific performance qualities include:

  • Pull force: The Husk-e has a GCWR of 180,000 pounds and can tow the heaviest loads, including a fully loaded 20-foot double-weight bomb cart chassis. Containers speeds up to 32 mph.
  • Speed ​​and acceleration: Orange EV said the Husk-e is equipped to handle faster maximum load operations on steeper grades.
  • Increase battery capacity: The 243 kWh battery pack provides the power needed for long, tough work shifts, and can be fully recharged in approximately two hours by using CCS1 charging at over 105 kW.
  • Superior battery chemistry: Orange EV said it uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to increase longevity and safety. The company has been designing and building its own battery packs since 2015. It said the more than 800 commercially deployed Orange EV trucks have more than 3.6 million operating hours and all run on their original battery packs.
  • savings: Significant fuel and maintenance savings of more than $120,000 per year per truck are possible in two-shift port operations, according to Orange EV. Additional savings are achieved through increased uptime, smoother operation, higher productivity, and operator health and safety, the company said.

Truck production in the electric vehicle arena

The Husk-e Series is ready for orders now, with initial deliveries expected early in the fourth quarter.

Since first deploying in 2015, Orange EV trucks have been chosen by more than 200 fleets in 35 states, Canada and the Caribbean. These trucks have exceeded 10.8 million miles and 3.6 million hours.

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