Peugeot e-2008 2024 review | maximum speed

Peugeot e-2008 2024 review |  maximum speed

This is the Peugeot e-2008, newly refurbished as of 2023. It’s a small electric crossover from Peugeot, and a vehicle that’s also available with petrol power. If it’s the latter, please click those blue words, as it’s the battery-powered variant we’re focusing on here. It accounts for nearly a fifth of 2008 sales and is one of the most successful small e-crossovers out there.

Even four years into its life (yes, this was a pre-Covid car) the 2008 still looks very stylish and smart. Its visual underpinning holds up against new electric rivals as well as those that haven’t arrived yet: the Hyundai Kona Electric, the all-electric Ford Puma (due in 2024), or even if it extends to the Cupra Born. In addition to the Stellantis group cars with the same drivetrain: Vauxhall Mokka, DS 3, Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e.

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Older rivals include the very cheap MG ZS EV, the Kia Soul EV, and – if you don’t need the full crossover height – the Citroen e-C4.

However, there is nothing that cannot be improved. So for 2008 it was revamped with new three-claw LED headlights, a body-colour textured grille, and reshaped taillights. Inside, we find a full 10-inch central touchscreen with better connectivity and graphics.

Are there any other changes? Battery or range bump?

Yes. Depending on your driving style, you can go farther or faster, or a little of both. The facelift brings an all-new motor and inverter that raises maximum power to 154 hp, and a slightly larger battery, from 47 kWh to 51 kWh (net).

These don’t seem like major improvements, but the new components are usefully more efficient. WLTP range rose to 250 miles from 214. Head to the Driving tab in this review to see how it stacks up outside the lab.

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Is it spacious? I think the e-2008 is just a longer e-208?

The extra zero on the badge gives you a car that is 100mm longer and 250mm longer, for a total of 4,304mm. There’s also 122 liters of extra boot space, bringing it to a total of 434 liters under the parcel shelf.

The wheelbase is longer than the e-208, and also than the Mokka, Avenger and DS 3, so the e-2008 is more of a family car than any of them.

Is he driving ok?

Surprisingly, yes. The e-2008 looks smart and cool, even if it lacks something in appearance. The electric stuff adds about 350kg to the 2008 standard, taking it past the 1.6 tonne mark. Still not bad for an EV family.

There’s a bit of torque steer and wheel spin if it’s bumpy or wet and you’re very generous with the throttle in Sport mode. But maintaining momentum can be fun in the car’s Eco mode.

Our selection from the range


115 kW active 54 kWh 5 d


What is the ruling?

Crossovers don’t often impress us, but Peugeot has made the 2008 e-2008 suitably attractive in its own right.

Crossovers don’t often wow us: they can’t help but feel like fatter, slower and more expensive versions of sleek little hatchbacks. The Peugeot e-208 will certainly do a lot more than the e-2008, for less money. So you’ll really have to get the extra space and ride height on offer here. You also have to want an electric car: the price difference compared to gasoline in 2008 is exorbitant.

However, Peugeot has made the 2008 e-car an attractive thing in its own right. Looks hot. Like a car that she would be happy to see you in. People stopped us in the street to ask about her, that face is so beautiful. And with the combination of shiny 3D dials (at least on top spec) and electric power, it looks futuristic without resorting to any personal touches.

It’s a cliché to imagine that no electric car is worth it if it can’t claim 300 miles of range. And the 2008 e-2008, at 250 miles, can’t. But you really don’t need it if the combination of fast charging capacity and good efficiency means you won’t spend a lot of time or money charging its modest battery.

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