Priorities are tempting this YouTuber to sell his multi-million dollar car collection


  • Tyler is considering selling his car collection to focus on building a farm and creating new content opportunities.
  • His collection includes amazing cars like the Ferrari 599, McLaren SLR, BMW Z8, BMW M6, Buick GNX, and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.
  • Tyler received a mixed bag of offers for his cars, including disappointingly low offers for a Chevrolet HHR SS Panel Van and a Dodge Ram pickup, but a high offer of $425,000 for a Lamborghini Countach. Tyler sold five cars from his collection, including a Ferrari FF, a Bentley Bentayga, and a 1966 Corvette.

Tyler Hoover is a serious car enthusiast, a true driver who lives and breathes cars. Over the years, Tyler has been lucky enough to amass a collection of cars that would make us all envious.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why Tyler collects everything from the classics Muscle cars To a limited extent SupercarsClearly, Tyler only buys what he likes. By his own admission, he describes his buying pattern as “buying suicidal cars,” so when an offer came in for his entire collection, he was understandably nervous about the upcoming offer.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has offered content surrounding the idea of ​​selling part of his collection, but it is the first time an offer has been made for the entire “Hooptie Fleet”; Will he take this opportunity to start over, or is he too attached to some car?

Information and photos have been gathered from the Hoovies Garage YouTube channel, as well as data from Ultimate Specs, to bring you this article about Tyler’s set, and why he puts on an entertaining show on the set!

Why is Tyler selling his huge car collection?

Tyler makes it clear from the beginning that things are changing in his life, and maybe it’s time to adjust his priorities. He details how he recently bought a huge farm with lots of outbuildings and land (currently filled with cars).

Clearing his car collection would certainly help him focus on building the farm site in his vision, and this would bring a lot of content opportunities; Albeit different content than what we are used to seeing in Hoovies Garage.

YouTube – Hoofy Garage

What started this train of thought for Tyler was the fact that his old colleagues had opened a new dealership in town focused on selling some highly desirable sports cars and supercars. As a result, Tyler invites his old friend Chris to evaluate his entire collection.

As a car guy with a huge collection, it must be difficult to keep track of what you spend, and how much everything is worth. So, it makes sense for Tyler to let someone in and appreciate it all, and at the very least, this is certainly a path worth exploring, if the show is strong enough.

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What are the highlights of his collection?

As we’ve already seen in a number of Hoovies Garage videos, the eclectic collection Tyler has built up over the years contains some pretty cool pieces of gear. He clearly has a passion for 2000s supercars, with a Ferrari 599, a McLaren SLR, and a BMW Z8 lining up center stage in his main garage.

In one of his sheds, he also has a BMW M6 and a Buick GNX combined. These two models represent some of the greatest factory sleepers ever. The M6 ​​has a 500 hp V10 engine, and with the limiter removed, is capable of reaching speeds of almost 200 mph!

Likewise, the GNX also hides a massive engine under the hood, in the form of a 3.6-liter V6, generating 276 horsepower. Buick in particular is an American icon, proving that V8s aren’t always necessary when building a muscle car.

Other highlights include a 1960s Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, with a 427ci V8 under the hood; Being a Chevy guy, Chris is particularly impressed with this one, he just has to check it out closely. Oddly enough, Chris doesn’t seem to be a fan of the extremely rare Chevrolet HHR SS Panel Van, which surprises Tyler, who is clearly fascinated by GM’s oddity.

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How much did Tyler get for his collection?

Tyler Hoover is selling his car collection
YouTube – Hoofy Garage

At the end of the video, Tyler and Chris sit down to discuss the group’s presentation. Chris didn’t beat around the bush at all and jumped right in with an offer of $1,713,000!

Tyler’s reaction was mixed at first, and he was likely shocked when he realized how much he had spent putting together the epic collection. While Tyler was completing the list, he was shocked by some of the ball’s low ratings.

Disappointing offers

  • Only $1,000 is being offered for a Chevrolet HHR SS Panel Van, which leaves Tyler almost speechless. It seems like Chris is just trying to piss Tyler off about this, as he seems to enjoy roasting him over cars they don’t agree on.
  • Tyler is equally disappointed with the $3,000 offer for his Dodge Ram pickup truck, which has literally a million miles on the clock. Understandably, Chris doesn’t want this much, since his dealership focuses primarily on Chevrolet vehicles, and showcasing the Dodge’s durability might seem counterproductive to him.
  • He’s coming in with a bid of $425,000 for his gorgeous 1989 Lamborghini Countach, and while that’s a hefty price for any car, Tyler points out that one of the cars sold on the same day for $600,000. Chris insists it leaves him some “meat on the bone.”

Tyler sold these five cars from his collection

Tyler sold 5 cars from Hoovies Garage
YouTube – Hoofy Garage

However, not all offers were disappointing, and as can be seen by the clear space in his garage floor above, Tyler was able to close the deal on 5 individual sales. So, he may not have been able to clear his entire collection, but a chunk of change was freed up for future projects.

A deal has been agreed on some of the luxury cars in his collection, including a Ferrari FF and a Bentley Bentayga. Tyler says the Bentley was easy to part with, and while he loves the FF, his manual 599 GTB is more fun to drive. The surprise came when Tyler announced that he had agreed to a deal to purchase a Corvette in 1966. That leaves him with no classic American cars now, so he suspects an old Shelby might be on the way soon.

Finally, a deal has also been reached on a 95 GMC Sierra and a 2016 Chevrolet Charger, so Tyler may also be looking for another reliable family truck in the near future, though perhaps a little newer, he says.

The full video goes into great detail about the cars, including why some of them are so special to Tyler, whether it’s interesting specs, or the sweet story of how he got them.

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