Real-Life LA Food Truck Okamoto Kitchen releases anime OVA trailer

Real-Life LA Food Truck Okamoto Kitchen releases anime OVA trailer

Okamoto Kitchen, a food truck company based in Los Angeles, has released a trailer for its upcoming crowdfunded food truck anime series.

trailer for Okamoto Kitchen It gives fans a first look at the world of the food truck industry. The OVA series focuses on the Okamoto Kitchen food truck team, consisting of Haru Umesaki, Chef Chizuru, Mickey and Honey, who must find a way to succeed in the brutal food truck business in the city of Los Angeles.

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Summary of Okamoto KitchenThe Kickstarter page says: “Okamoto Kitchen It’s the story of the cozy, friendly life of a food truck owner…yeah, just kidding. The food truck industry is a brutal world! Brutal races for parking spots, epic shounen food battles, and lots and lots of video games! Okamoto Kitchen’s naive food truck team of Haru, Chizuru, Mickey, and Honey do their best to navigate the unforgiving landscape of the Los Angeles food truck scene. Our heroes will have to overcome increasing odds to not only figure out how to succeed in the food truck business, but also to discover who really has their best interests at heart. Culinary arts can be difficult to digest sometimes.”

Okamoto Kitchen presents the first trailer for the anime

Okamoto Kitchen It will run for 10 episodes, each lasting three to five minutes. Additionally, the project’s Kickstarter page states that it will not feature the same level of animation as the professional animated series and instead movement will be limited to specific elements, such as dialogue, facial expressions, and basic expression of the limbs. The series is directed by Gerald Abraham, visual effects artist and co-owner of Okamoto Reality Kitchen. Veteran voice actress Cristina Vee will provide voice direction, along with her role as the voice of the show’s main character, Haru. She is set to be joined by co-stars Allegra Clarke, Patrick Seymour, and Kimlin Tran as Chizuru, Miki, and Honey, respectively.

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Artist Takuya Saito, who has previously worked on key animation for widely popular titles such as My hero academy, Vinland Saga And Killing is like killingalso handled the character design for Okamoto Kitchen. When asked how the veteran animator at major Japanese studios got involved in the comic dubbing series, Saito explained how a mutual friend introduced him to Abraham. “I mainly work on TV anime and this was my first project that focused specifically on character design,” the artist said. “I communicated with Gerald via email and Skype and we fleshed out Haru’s look and design.”

Okamoto Kitchen It will premiere on November 23 and will be available to stream for free on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

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