Renault Captur or Renault Kadjar: which is better?

Renault Captur or Renault Kadjar: which is better?

Renault Captur vs. Kadjar: Style?

Side by side photo of the orange Renault Captur and red Renault Kadjar in the foreground

Renault Captur is a small crossover known for its bold looks – it features a mix of SUV, MPV and hatchback styling.

For a small SUV, it has a reasonably sporty appearance. A raised ride height, roof rails, and off-road-inspired plastic cladding give it a rugged, go-anywhere look.

It features a typical Renault front end – with the French brand’s oversized badge taking center stage. Newer models feature stylish C-shaped LED daytime running lights.

The Kadjar looks more like a traditional SUV – it’s very simple, but that gives it a sophisticated look that allows it to age well. For example, the early models still look great.

It has a squarer profile than the Captur, but despite its 4×4 design, most cars are front-wheel drive and rarely venture too far off the tarmac.

Is Renault Kadjar or Renault Captur better to drive?

Side by side photo of the orange Renault Captur and the red Renault Kadjar at the rear

Renault Kadjar is a mid-sized family SUV that is well suited for long trips because it has a comfortable and smooth ride.

Its steering is well weighted, meaning there’s plenty of feedback to the driver, making driving more enjoyable on twisty country roads.

It’s available with a few petrol and diesel engines, all of which are quick enough while remaining efficient. We really like the 1.3-litre petrol engine, which Renault shares with Nissan and even Mercedes – it strikes the perfect balance.

The Captur is designed to be a city-friendly model, so it has lighter steering that makes maneuvering a little easier.

The higher seating position than hatchbacks like the Clio (on which it’s based) means you get a good view of the road too.

It’s a very light car, so it can feel nimble, but it’s by no means a sporty model. It’s available with a selection of smaller engines, as well as some hybrid options, and it’s nice and quiet.

Renault Captur vs. Renault Kadjar interior

Side-by-side photo of the cabin of the Renault Captur and Renault Kadjar

The Captur’s cabin features high-quality materials and soft-touch surfaces that make it feel reasonably premium for its price.

Top-spec models come with a great-looking touchscreen, and while it’s not as responsive as some other cars, it still does a good job of getting things done.

The interior feels reasonably spacious and airy as there’s plenty of headroom, so taller passengers shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable despite the car’s overall compact dimensions.

Being a larger car, the Kadjar comes with more equipment (when compared like-for-like). Optional extras like a reversing camera are especially welcome when it comes to tight parking spaces.

The newer Captur models have more modern vehicle technology because Renault is phasing out the Kadjar by 2022. If you’re looking for a newer SUV from Renault that’s larger than the Captur, you’ll have a choice between the Austral and Arkana models.

Renault Kadjar vs Kaptur: which has more trunk space?

Side by side photo of the Renault Captur box and the Renault Kadjar box

In its standard five-seat configuration, the Kadjar’s 472-litre boot space is larger than the Captur’s 422-litres. The Kadjar’s trunk is slightly smaller than average for this size of SUV.

The Captur’s neat trick – the sliding rear seat – means that if you’re willing to sacrifice some legroom, there’s up to 536 liters of space available, which is very impressive.

With the seats folded, the Captur’s 1,275-litre capacity doesn’t quite meet the Kadjar’s mark of 1,478 litres.

It is worth noting that the hybrid versions of the Captur have less boot space – 326-440 litres, or 1,149 liters in two-seater mode.

Renault Kaptur vs Kadjar: reliability and safety

Renault has a fairly average record in terms of reliability, with some drivers complaining of glitches in the infotainment system.

Overall, these are both reliable models, and any worry should soon be put to rest by the fact that the newer models come with a five-year warranty, which is more than you get from many major competitors.

Replacement parts are also easy to obtain, and generally affordable.

The latest Renault Captur received a full five-star rating from Euro NCAP, with positive comments about occupant protection in particular. The first generation model also received five stars.

The larger Kadjar performed admirably, also earning a five-star rating.

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Dimensions Renault Kadjar Vs. Yasser

Although the Kadjar is very spacious inside, its exterior dimensions make it a very compact midsize SUV. It is 4,489 mm long, 2,058 mm wide, and 1,607 mm high.

The Captur is smaller, measuring 4,227 mm long, 2,003 mm wide and 1,576 mm high. It doesn’t have more space than many popular family hatchbacks.

Used Renault Captur vs Used Renault Kadjar: Which should you buy?

Each of these Renault SUVs appeals to a different driver. The Captur makes a lot of sense for city drivers, and because it’s affordable to buy and run, it’s a good choice for younger families or older couples.

The Kadjar is better suited to growing families who need more space and practicality, but it’s still manageable enough to drive around town with ease.

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