RI truck fees are the focus of a long-running lawsuit. what do you know

I’ve seen the massive structures spanning Interstate 95 and other highways in Rhode Island: toll bridges that have caused the state so much grief.

Almost from the moment they went live, the highly visible charges were at the center of a long-running lawsuit that was sometimes difficult to follow. This prompted one What and Why in RI reader to write in with a series of questions, including what is their condition, what do they cost, how much money was raised from fees, what funds were used, and what happened in the lawsuit?

Let’s break it down.

What is the toll situation in RI?

All toll bridges in Rhode Island have been retired since September 2022. In fact, the only active toll bridges in the state are on the Bell Bridge between Jamestown and Newport.

What happened with Truckers Union v. State of Rhode Island?

A little backstory on the case before we get to the current status of it.

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