Rivian will only retrofit the redesigned Tonneau cover to certain R1Ts

Rivian initially shipped its powerful R1T pickup truck with an electric tonneau. However, most owners started reporting that it would crash after several activations. The automaker looked into the matter and discovered a design flaw that even a fleet-wide recall couldn’t fix. So, I scrapped the part completely until a new cover could be provided for the box. The good news: it’s coming, and it can work with your existing support system!

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Initially, Rivian said it would start overhauling the electrical trunk lid by redesigning one subcomponent. Stores will then obtain the defective part and replace it at no cost to owners.

After looking more thoroughly into the issue, the automaker discovered that the entire assembly would have to be replaced. So, she went that route and removed the power tonneau cover from her shop and vehicle accessory list to ensure no one would ask for it anymore. Don’t worry; The automaker has promised not to charge additional fees when the new design arrives. This was envisioned as a feature intended for people who already ordered one and didn’t receive it or installed one but it didn’t work.

It’s been one year since Rivian admitted to having an issue with the power trunk lid, and the only solution currently available is a manual replacement that involves four interlocking panels that slide in and out of the bed’s integrated side rails. It now costs a whopping $1,800 for new customers. It was priced at $800 to previous buyers, but that was a bit of an outlay as well.

However, the manual version of the trunk lid does not satisfy everyone. The four panels should be removed, placed in a bag and stored in the gear tunnel to free up bed space.

But even this product only started being delivered this summer. The delays may have occurred because of its headquarters in Irvine Eve The manufacturer wanted to ensure the reliability of the part.

Manual tonneau cover for Rivian R1T

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This development was all the more disappointing because Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe gave everyone a look at the new trunk lid back in May. At the time, customers were informed that the new product would begin shipping this summer. But, unfortunately, that did not happen.

But things are getting better. The top-end option that retracts itself into a custom compartment built into the base of the back wall is expected to arrive within a couple of months (early 2024 at the latest). The good news is that the new trunk lid can be completely retrofitted on some R1Ts. If you’re one of those who ordered a Rivian pickup with a manual top or still have the broken one, the new design will work with the existing bars. No need to deal with other costs.

If you don’t select this option when you purchase the truck, the automaker will not be able to install the redesigned tonneau cover. Rivian customer specialists confirmed this information.

Likewise, owners of Rivian R1Ts with manual covers wanting to upgrade will have to fork out some extra cash.

Unfortunately, the price is not yet known, and the brand has not specified whether it will give priority to those who walk around with the faulty assembly installed. Everyone may end up on the same waiting list. However, expect a cost of at least $2,000 without installation if you want to update your R1T with a new power trunk lid. The same applies to those who are not entitled to a free or discounted replacement.

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