Rome police officers rescue mother and boy from burning SUV

Rome police officers rescue mother and boy from burning SUV

Police in Rome released a dramatic video showing officers rushing to free a driver and her terrified child moments after an accident led to the SUV they were traveling in catching fire.

It happened shortly before 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 1 near the intersection of US 411 and Mathis Road.

A body camera captures the disturbing sound of the collision as officers work a nearby traffic stop.

Officer Dow Turrentine then ran down the hill to see a badly damaged SUV and smoke starting to billow from under the hood. Immediately, the officer goes to the back passenger door and begins smashing the already cracked window. Side airbags prevent the glass from hurting those inside.

Screams can be heard from inside the car as Officer Turrentine cautiously, but quickly works to open the window.

A bystander soon joins the officer and works to release the side airbag to reach the driver.

“Dispatching, the vehicle is almost fully involved. We got everyone out of it,” Officer Turrentine radioed moments later.

Silver Creek resident Samantha Bostick and her son, Liam, were pulled from the SUV.

The officer added: “We tried to use fire extinguishers on this car, but it was, uh, very soaked.”

As Bostic was moved to the back of a patrol car to be treated by a paramedic, Officer Evan Rhoden comforted the little boy.

Officer Turrentine was able to reach the child’s father by phone.

Firefighters did quick work in putting out the fire.

Bostic was taken to Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center in Rome, where she was recovering on Friday. Officials say she will need knee surgery.

Christopher Jones, of Rome, is credited with helping officers save the lives of the occupants of the burning vehicle.

Liam was examined in the same emergency room, but was allowed to go home.

As for the officers, the Rome Police Department issued a statement on Friday expressing how proud they are of their response:

“Although the employees we employ as representatives of the Rome Police Department are trained to respond and react in serious and life-threatening situations such as the incident described, we remain amazed and grateful by the immediate call to action and the level of response provided by our officers.”

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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