Say hello to the new 2025 Audi Q3 with its more modern design

The second-generation Audi Q3 was revealed just over five years ago, and while we can’t call it retro yet, the brand with the four rings thinks it is. As a result, they have begun the road testing and fine-tuning phase of its successor.

Captured by our spy photographers out in the open wearing the final production bodywork and lighting units at both ends, the 2025 Audi Q3 looks even more modern. It features the signature split headlights, with the lower units being actual clusters, a slightly smaller grille, and a larger central air intake.

Although the roofline appears to be more arched towards the rear, the side profile looks almost the same. It has a new bumper at the back with a cleaner shape, a different tailgate that somewhat resembles the design of the current car, and new taillights, perhaps with a Y-shaped design that may or may not be linked together by a full-width light bar.

Audi is expected to do more important things inside, although that remains under wraps for now. If you look closely at the left front fender, you’ll see a charging port. This tells us that the prototype features a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Besides the partially electrified assembly, the all-new Audi Q3 is also expected to have regular internal combustion units.

However, we can’t know for sure what engines it will get, but their build, also known as the Volkswagen Group Dump The Evo supports several engines, including gasoline, diesel and mild hybrids. Its more popular sibling, the VW Tiguan, will get all of these features, while the Cupra Terramar, which features the same build, features electrified power only.

It will likely have a larger overall footprint compared to its predecessor, and the next-generation Q3 is expected to have an identical wheelbase. It is 2,680 mm (105.5 inches) long in the current version, making it slightly shorter than the current Mercedes GLA and BMW X1, two of its biggest competitors in the small compact crossover segment. Other models it’s targeting are the Volvo XC40 and Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Audi will announce some exciting details about the third-generation Q3 when the time comes, including the official reveal date. Right now, it’s believed it will debut sometime in 2024, and we think it could be in the second part of the year. This device will remain located at the Győr factory in Hungary, and could also be manufactured in China for the local market.

It will likely be a 2025 model when it arrives in the US, which should push the price up a bit. The 2024 Q3 is offered with 184 hp (187 hp/137 hp). kilowatt) 2.0 L 40 TFSI and 228 PS (231 PS / 170 kW) 2.0 L 45 TFSI and starts at $37,000 before destination.

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