Self-driving trucks are coming to a road near you: The message

Self-driving trucks are coming to a road near you: The message

To help you understand the driving force behind self-driving trucks and cars, and what we expect to happen in the future, the highly experienced Kiplinger Letter team will keep you up to date with the latest developments and forecasts (Get a free copy of The Kiplinger Letter or subscribe). You’ll get the latest news first by subscribing, but we’ll post many (but not all) forecasts a few days later online. Here’s the latest…

Self-driving trucks are slowly rolling down the road, mostly on highways in Texas and the Southwest, with a human driver on board, standing alongside, or traveling in platoons behind a lead truck driven by a person. Maersk operates Kodiak Robotics trucks between warehouses in Houston and Oklahoma City with a safe driver. Daimler plans to offer the service commercially by 2027. There are several other companies in this space as well, so there will likely be a first-mover advantage that will lead to consolidation between the companies by the end of the decade.

Other existing players in this sector that are likely to be ready to launch in the near future are Aurora Innovation and Gatik, with the latter focusing on short-haul flights. TuSimple was expected to be a direct player, but may shift its focus to China. New entrants include Waabi, Stack AV and Applied Intuition, which bought bankrupt Embark. Waymo Via will focus on taxis and ride-hailing services for now.

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