Seven days for Soti… with the Nissan Ariya

Seven days for Soti… with the Nissan Ariya

It’s Nissan’s second all-electric car and its first electric crossover, but does its flagship Ariya match its sleek looks and sleek performance? By suti.

Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE Evolve Sport Pack

Price list (BiK): £56,780 (2%) Economy: 309 miles Test efficiency: 300 miles

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What’s eagerly anticipated is an understatement when it comes to the Nissan Ariya. Incredibly, this is the Japanese company’s second all-electric passenger car and the first, the Leaf, has been around since 2011. I was also eagerly anticipating it because I had driven the Ariya for a short period a few weeks ago, so the prospect of a longer period with the SUV was exciting. These lovely looking ones are something to look forward to just before Christmas closes.


This Ariya has a dual-motor setup, so it has plenty of power to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 5.7 seconds. It doesn’t feel that fast when you first put your foot on the accelerator, but there’s usually a relentless, linear pull of EVs all the way up to the highway speed limit. This Ariya is also useful in adjusting the speed to smoothly join the second or third lane of the highway, and the i-Pedal system works smoothly with gear changes.


It’s been bothering me since I first walked into Aria at the beginning of the week, that is. On the steering wheel there is a plastic cover at the back that meets the steering wheel’s cross spokes. Where it joins, there is a sharp, patchy edge and it constantly catches my thumb. It’s not painful, but it’s irritation that shouldn’t be there and undermines the excellent finish on this car.


There’s plenty of space inside the Ariya and my kids were happy to find heated rear seats in this particular model. My son also benefited from having the right charging socket for his device from todayWhich meant he was plugged in and ready for this evening’s trip to soccer. Meanwhile, my daughter was fascinated by the center console that slides back and forth electrically.


I’m not a fan of electric controls rather than physical controls inside the car, but Nissan has come up with a better solution than most of the Ariya’s. In the center dashboard section, the heating and ventilation controls are illuminated and are spaced far enough apart so you don’t hit the wrong switch while driving. They are also clearly labeled to make it easy to identify who is doing what, and they respond quickly.


Nissan has done a very good job of balancing the Ariya’s ride and handling. Unlike many electric cars where the weight is compensated for by an overly stiff suspension, the Nissan feels well-controlled and comfortable even on many of the rotten roads around where I live. It’s every bit as good as the Skoda Eniac I recently tested and the Nissan feels more nimble in corners than the Skoda.


Over the course of the week, I charged the Nissan twice. This included four chargers where two refused to work, without any explanation. At least when I find one that does, the Ariya charges fast enough so it’s not a chore, and it also offers better range than most electric cars because it can cover a useful distance. Its range indicator is also rooted in reality, which doesn’t often happen with other EVs.

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