Ship Review | Blue Rotterdam – Dutch company Waterbus adds a hybrid passenger ferry to the fleet

Ship Review |  Blue Rotterdam – Dutch company Waterbus adds a hybrid passenger ferry to the fleet

Netherlands-based transport company Waterbus has taken delivery of a new hybrid catamaran ferry built by compatriot Damen Shipyards Group.

Rotterdam blue It belongs to a series of ferries designed by Damen and the Belgian company KesselsGranger DesignWorks to operate in the Dordrecht-Rotterdam area. The ship is 28.6 meters long, 7.5 meters wide, has a draft of only 1.5 metres, and can accommodate 75 passengers.

The lightweight carbon fiber design and hybrid propulsion system that also includes two 400 kWh batteries and two fixed propellers ensure that emissions and noise are kept to an absolute minimum while delivering speeds of up to 21 knots. The vessel is also prepared to transition to full electric operations when the required technology becomes available in the future.

Photo: Damen

To enhance the onboard experience, the designers aimed to create a warm, open and safe environment. This was achieved by incorporating large windows along the ship and in the ceiling, allowing sufficient lighting and providing a feeling of spaciousness. The seats have been carefully designed to facilitate a feeling of inclusion, especially comfort during off-peak times when passengers may feel isolated.

A large space in the back is suitable for tourists where they can observe the sights along the ferry route. For those who use the ferry for their daily commute, comfortable work spaces are available in the inner section as well as bicycle storage. The bike storage space also ensures quick and easy retrieval, allowing cyclists to disembark more efficiently.

Seating is also designed to accommodate groups of people. This includes a seating area in the amidships lounge. The seat features recesses to accommodate strollers and strollers as well as wheelchairs. Mobile device charging ports are also located throughout the main compartment.

Damen said Rotterdam blue It is also one of the first ferries to feature tactile strips on the floor to help guide blind and visually impaired passengers. Navigation through the ship is similarly supported by high-contrast floor markings and clearly defined areas.

Photo: Damen

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Rotterdam blue
to set
Ship type: Passenger ferry
science: Holland
What is with you: Water bus, Netherlands
Designers: Damen Shipbuilding Group, Netherlands; Kessels Granger Design Works, Belgium
Creator: Damen Shipbuilding Group, Netherlands
Structure building materials: Carbon fibre
Total length: 28.6 metres
Packages: 7.5 metres
Draft: 1.5 metres
paying off: 2 x fixed fans
maximum speed: 21 knots
Batteries: 2 x 400 kWh
Passengers: 75
Operations area: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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