Solar and hydropower combine in the world’s largest hybrid power plant

Solar and hydropower combine in the world’s largest hybrid power plant

What appears to be a “PV sea” is actually the first phase of the Kela PV station, which is the world’s largest, highest altitude and first gigawatt solar-hydro hybrid power station, covering an area of ​​16 square kilometers, with a total installed capacity of 1 GW. .

About 50 kilometers from Kelaa station, the 295-meter-high Liangkou Dam on the Yalong River generates hydroelectric power and provides flood control. The hydropower plant has an installed capacity of 3 million kilowatts and a total water storage capacity of 10.8 billion cubic meters.3Which contributes decisively to the development of renewable energy in the basin. The Kela and Liangkou stations are connected via 500 kV power transmission lines, realizing hybrid solar-hydro power transmission.

Given the extreme weather conditions at Kelaa Station, and the associated challenges when carrying out operation and maintenance tasks, Huawei FusionSolar’s intelligent digital solution was chosen to create an integrated operation and maintenance platform, building a standard for high-altitude hybrid solar-hydroelectric power. Smart photovoltaic power plants.

More than 5,300 Huawei Smart Series switches serve as the “heart” of the plant, with a high IP66 protection rating ensuring stable and reliable operation in challenging conditions.

FusionSolar’s unique patented Smart Series Level Disconnection (SSLD) technology can intelligently identify DC side faults and perform an automatic disconnection to avoid fire risks and ensure plant safety, with Smart IV Curve Diagnosis capable of performing a remote health check via Online and full scan identify defects quickly. The intelligent CV diagnosis system inspects more than 2 million PV modules on site, identifying problems such as shading, hot spots and micro cracks, and the intelligent combined diagnosis system also provides diagnostic reports for the plant, making operation and maintenance intelligent and accurate.

The FusionSolar solution uses an intelligent grid connection algorithm to enable inverters to adapt to power grids in all scenarios (SCR ≥ 1.1) and provide excellent power quality, improve grid connection reliability and support the power production of the entire PV power plant. In June this year, the Kela station entered operation, with an annual production estimated at about 2 billion kilowatt hours, enough to meet the annual electricity demand of one million families. The connection between Kela PV and Lianghekou stations is not operationalIt solves the problem of renewable energy consumption, but also increases power supply during peak hours in the summer months, and the clean energy supply capacity in the Yalong River Basin now exceeds 50 billion kilowatt hours.

In September 2023, the joint innovation center established by Yalong Hydro and Huawei Digital Power was officially opened. As a large-scale pilot base for the integration of hydropower, wind power and solar power, the Yalong River Basin will become an industrial innovation center for renewable energy development. The two parties will conduct research on clean energy base construction, operation and maintenance, plant operation safety and energy saving, energy storage and grid formation to provide advanced products and solutions for the industry and address various industry weaknesses and technical difficulties.

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