Spencer Boyd talks about Montague and Bristol traditions

FanSided’s Adam Weinrib traveled to the legendary Bristol Motor Speedway with the folks from Montucky Cold Snacks (and the beer’s new mascot, Gutz (pronounced “GOOTZ”)) to watch the ARCA and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races from the pits.

Before the NASCAR race weekend at Bristol was rescheduled this weekend to avoid the weather, the Last Great Colosseum went off without a hitch Thursday night.

Before the ARCA race at 6:00 PM ET and the NASCAR Truck Series race, the UNOH 200, later, Spencer Boyd enjoyed the immensity of the venue along with the rest of the crowd.

“Man, when you walk through the tunnel here, that feeling will never go away,” Boyd said. By fans. “It’s very Colosseum, the Roman Empire, if you win the sword…this place has this nostalgia all the time.

“Whether we come here and it’s covered in dirt, or we come here and it’s just plain concrete, 30-plus degrees of banking, that feeling never leaves. You’re excited, but you also have to respect this place, because it can jump.” And it bites you quickly.

Dirt racing won’t return in 2024, but the fans certainly will; Thursday’s large crew of doormen was about to swell even larger in the Friday and Saturday scene. And while Bristol’s ancient traditions – as well as the massive structure set in the woods – help define it, Boyd explained that rowdy fans play their part in the myth-making too.

“You’ll hear those guys when you get up and get ready, but once you start that engine, you won’t hear them anymore. But it’s electric.”

“When we do the driver introductions, the national anthem, jump in the truck, get ready to go, high-five everyone, you can tell these people are packed in the grandstand, so high, so close, like I said; you feel the energy,” Boyd mused. “This place.” Very surreal. While you are in the mountains of Tennessee you wonder: “What is this place like…here?”

Spencer Boyd talks to FanSided before the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Bristol

While Boyd has plenty of experience harnessing the power of this stage — he has competed in both the Cup Series and 4% ABV for traditional light beer.

The brand’s lively mascot, Gutz, is emblazoned on the side of Boyd’s truck, along with the company logo. Boyd met with the folks from Montague for hours in preparation for Thursday’s showdown, and made it clear he feels the partnership serves his mission as a marketer.

“Man, for me, to do this marketing thing and bring new brands into the sport… I pride myself in it. I love it,” Boyd told me. “I’m not a guy who is taking companies away from other people’s cars. It’s really finding new people who have never been to NASCAR and seeing it as a great opportunity to get their brand out there, and reach out to some good people who love America, are very patriotic, love fast cars, burning rubber…you can. Don’t overpower it.”

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