Stanley’s mug survives a car fire, so Stanley replaces both the mug and the car

Stanley’s mug survives a car fire, so Stanley replaces both the mug and the car

Let’s take a quick peek at the fence that separates us from TikTok, shall we? There’s been some buzz from our neighbors online the past few days thanks to a Kia Sorento, a fire, a Stanley Thermal Cup, and a generous offer. TikTok user Danielle, who uses the style danimarielettering, recently caused her Kia Sorento to catch fire. From the looks of her post-fire video, it appears that only the front and top portions of the SUV caught the worst of the fire; While scouring the web for context, we discovered that this is not unusual for the burnout pattern on the Sorento and Sportage (examples here , here , here , and here ). As she approaches and reaches the wreckage, she says, “Everyone is so worried about whether the Stanley spilled, but what if it melts?” Then she grabs the Stanley thermos in the cup holder and shakes it. “Fire yesterday,” she says. “It still has ice in it.”

@danimarielettering Do you feel thirsty after being on fire? @Stanley 1913 No problem, I got it #fyp #carfire #accident #stanleycup ♬ original audio – Danielle

Danielle commented on the video, saying:Do you feel thirsty after catching fire? @stanley1913 No problem for me.” That hit “viral!” The button and crowd came in with nearly 84 million views and 60,000 comments at the time of writing.

The first comment on the video was: “Stanley, sponsor her.” The second is, “Stanley better cut you a check after this announcement.” Undoubtedly a fair number of opinions and comments arose from Stanley essentially doing this. Company boss Terence Riley watched Daniel’s video and responded in kind, saying: “We’ve all seen your video. Wow, what an ordeal and we’re all really glad you’re safe. I’ve seen a lot of comments that ‘We should send you some Stanley cars.’ Well, we’ll send you some Stanley cars. But there is something else. “We’ve never done this before and probably never will again, but we’d love to trade in your car.”

Danielle followed up with two more videos about the incident, thanked everyone and Stanley for their support, and showed off a box full of mugs. There is no information about the car, but the unboxing video tells us that there are “new updates to the car coming soon.”

And finally, as we’ve discovered how Kia likes to roast, Daily point Discover that Stanley thermoses and tumblers are not afraid of fire. A page called Stories of the Unbreakables on the company’s website recounts some of Stanley Against the World’s tales. Greg Gillard recounts a hotel fire in Maryland that cost him everything he had in the room except one: “After putting out the fire and sifting through the debris, the only thing left standing, basically untouched? My Stanley thermos.” Most recently, TikTok user Lorenrio posted a video in August of her car burning to the ground — possibly a Subaru Forester from the looks of the wheel. Despite receiving a proper baptism by fire, the only survivor among the rubble is her Stanley tumbler. It was missing the top and screw handle and had a quite vintage look, but it looks like a new handle and lid could make it usable again. If Stanley is reading this, Lauren wants a new mug. Or maybe Danielle could send her one of the new gift collection.

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