Stellantis and CATL sign a strategic memorandum of understanding to supply LFP batteries locally for the European market

Stellantis and CATL sign a strategic memorandum of understanding to supply LFP batteries locally for the European market

  • The MoU outlines the joint development of a cutting-edge technology roadmap and future battery value chain opportunities
  • Stellantis and CATL are examining the possibility of making a joint investment in the form of a joint venture with equivalent contributions
  • Stellantis aims to leverage lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to power its European electric vehicle production, supporting its aggressive Dare Forward 2030 electrification goals.

Amsterdam Stellantis NV and CATL today announced the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the local supply of LFP battery cells and modules to power Stellantis’ electric vehicle production in Europe. To further support Stellantis’ aggressive electrification strategy, the two companies are examining the possibility of forming a joint venture with similar contributions.

The MOU outlines a long-term collaboration between CATL and Stellantis on two strategic fronts: building a bold technology roadmap to support Stellantis’ advanced battery electric vehicles and identifying opportunities to further enhance the battery value chain.

“This Memorandum of Understanding with CATL on LFP battery chemistry is another element in our long-term strategy to protect freedom of movement for the European middle class,” said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “CATL is the industry leader in this sector, and together with our iconic automotive brands, we will provide our customers with innovative and accessible battery technology while helping us achieve our ambition of net zero carbon by 2038.”

“We are very pleased to take our cooperation with Stellantis to a new level. With Stellantis’ long-standing experience in automotive manufacturing and CATL’s advanced battery technology, we believe that the partnership will be a decisive step in both parties’ journey towards their goals,” said Robin Zheng, Chairman and General Manager of CATL. Carbon neutrality.” “We remain committed to providing the most competitive and sustainable solutions to our partners to advance the global energy transition.”

LFP technology has a long service life and high thermal stability, and can enable Stellantis to offer high-quality, durable and affordable electric vehicles in passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs in the B and C segments.

As part of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Stellantis announced plans to reach a 100% passenger vehicle battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales mix in Europe and a 50% BEV sales mix in the US by 2030. Stellantis is on track to On track to become a net-zero carbon company by 2038. Stellantis is compiling a list of partnerships to ensure a stable, low-carbon supply of key materials for its electrified future.

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Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) is a global leader in new energy technology innovation, committed to providing outstanding solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. In June 2018, the company went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 300750. In 2022, CATL’s electric vehicle battery consumption volume ranked first in the world for six consecutive years, and ranked first in market share. of global energy storage battery charges for two consecutive years. CATL also enjoys widespread recognition by global energy storage and electric vehicle partners. To achieve the goal of replacing fossil fuels in stationary and mobile power systems with highly efficient electric power systems generated by advanced batteries and renewable energy and promoting integrated innovation of market applications with electrification and intelligence, CATL maintains continuous innovation in four dimensions including materials system, electrochemistry, and architecture system, extreme green manufacturing and business models.

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