Sydney Sprints (SC): Bronte Campbell is back on the fast track and out of the Cam McEvoy playbook

Sydney Sprints (SC): Bronte Campbell is back on the fast track and out of the Cam McEvoy playbook

One of the fastest female runners in the worldBRunt Campbell She says she’s encouraged by the newly crowned world champion Cam McEvoy, In her quest to make a fourth Olympic team in Paris next year.

The 29-year-old, a two-time Olympic relay gold medalist and five-time world champion, rounded off a successful Australian short course meet in Sydney, adding the 50m freestyle to her previous 100m win on Thursday night.

Campbell (Cruise, ACT) once again produced a flawless display in the 50m freestyle – off the blocks like a rocket and crossing the first 25m in 11.64 and then back in 12.45 to win the national title in 24.09 – showing she has lost none of the speed that made her One of the best female runners in the world since she first burst onto the scene in 2012.

ON THE GO: Bronte Campbell is back on the fast track. Photo courtesy: Toby Zerna Swim OS

Her Cruz teammate, abby webb, Who also had an impressive meet with victories in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke and 200 meter freestyle, finishing second with a time of 24.89 seconds, slightly ahead of the 27-year-old. Elicia Oldsen(Marion, SA) who scored 24.89.

“I’ll take that, 24 zeros – I’m really happy to see that I’m not really tapering,” Campbell said after the race.

“Every time I dive into the pool I get faster, which is good and I’m really enjoying the change in training under him Shannon Rollasonseeing as I’ve only had one other coach in my career, and that was Simon Cusack for 21 years.

“There’s always something new to learn and you just have to look at what Cam McEvoy has done to see how he figures things out (with his coaching) and does a good job.”

Campbell and McEvoy have been on similar career paths over the last three Olympic campaigns, with McEvoy winning his first world title in Fukuoka this year after working with new coach Tim Lane and implementing a new resistance program with the Queensland Academy of Sport.

He is also eyeing a fourth Olympics and the impact he has on his fellow Olympians could have a major impact on Australia’s 2024 Olympic squad.

And while Campbell has shown she will uphold the integrity of the new generation of female runners in what will be the most competitive Australian Olympic Trials in history, a new breaststroker is also on the move.

One of the swimmers of the night came from 20-year-old Victoria Tara Kinder (Melbourne Vicentre), who won the 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:21.69 (1:08.45/1:13.79) to join the Tokyo Olympics. Jessica Hansen Equal 10yThe fastest Australian ever in the event.

The time was slightly slower than the time the World Championship and Olympic silver medalist swam Jenna Strauch To win last year’s race and give the junior Victorian a 100-200m double, Kinder won the 100m in a time of 1:06.78.

With Australia’s two best chest players Strauch and Chelsea Hodges Forced out of this year’s World Championships after recovering from injury, the door is certainly open for new breaststroke talent to raise their hand.

In other events, Carlisle’s Madeline Gough added the women’s 800 freestyle with a time of 8:24.70 to her 1,500 freestyle win with a time of 15:45.69, while nothing separated. David Morgan (Surfers Paradise, Queensland) and Thomas Kobosius (Knox Pymble, NSW) in the men’s 50m freestyle – the duo clocked 21.82 seconds, with Thomas Robinson (Cruz, ACT) placed third with a time of 22.00.

2023 Australian Short Course Championships, Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Day 4, Finals:


50m freestyle: Bronte Campbell (Cruise, ACT) 24.09, Abby Webb (Cruise, ACT) 24.89, Alicia Oldsen (Marion, SA) 24.99

100mm: Sophie Martin (Somerville House, QLD) 1:00.82, Kayla Hardy (Cruz, ACT) 1:01.50, Alicia Oldsen (Marion, SA) 1:01.74

200 meter butterfly: Bella Grant (Trinity Grammar, NSW) 2:07.57, Lucy Dring (Sunshine Coast Grammar, Queensland) 2:08.48, Eloise Dolan (Somerville House, Queensland) 2:10.82

200m breaststroke: Tara Kinder (Melbourne Center, Vic) 2:21.69, Kaylee Pressler (Marion, South Australia) 2:25.42, Bianca Fuller (Cruise, Australia) 2:27.01

800 meter freestyle: Madeleine Gough (Carlisle, NSW) 8:24.70, Sienna Dorlo (Toowoomba, QLD) 8:39.65 Mackenzie Hunter (MLC Aquatic, Victoria) 8:44.11

50pm noon: Kyle Thompson S14 (Sunshine Coast Grammar, QLD), 32.18, Taylor Currie (Kincumber Pacific Dolphins, NSW) 323.19, Montana Atkinson (Helensville, QLD) 32.88

100 meter butterfly race: Taylor Currie (Kinkember Pacific Dolphins, NSW) 1:06.86, Montana Atkinson (Helensville, QLD) 1:10.92, Jasmine Vollgrabe (Marion, SA) 1:13.47.


50m freestyle: David Morgan (Surfers Paradise, QLD) Thomas Kobusius (Knox Pymble, NSW) 21.82 (Dead Heat) Thomas Robinson (Cruise, ACT) 22.00

100mm: Alex Quach (SOPAC, NSW) 53.56, Callum Halloran Lavelle (Melbourne Center, Vienna) 54.70, Jamie Mooney (Wagga Wagga, NSW) 54.79

200 meter butterfly: Rowan van der Riet (USC Spartans, Queensland) 1:55.84, David Morgan (Surfers Paradise, Queensland) 1:58.18, Caleb Dreyer (Trinity Grammar, NSW) 1:58.90

200m breaststroke: Angus Menzies (Subac, NSW) 2:08.02, Nash Wilks (Southport, QLD) 2:08.10, Jannick Solsman (Southport, QLD) 2:08.54.

1500m freestyle: Adam Sudlow (North Coast, WA) 15:21.88, Euan Lenny (Knox Pymble, NSW) 15:25.53, Harry Hay (MLC Aquatic, VIC) 15:32.21

100 meter butterfly race: Dylan Logan S15 (Geelong, Vic) 58.16, Jared Dyer (Dapto, NSW) 59.54, Declan Budd (Knox Pymble, NSW) 1:00.20

50pm noon: Declan Budd S14 (Knox Pymble, NSW), 29.39, Joshua Alford S14 (University of Queensland) 30.76, Dylan Logan S15 (Geelong, VN) 27.30

100m breaststroke: Riley Moore SP9 (WWE, NSW), 1:09.99, Ahmed Kelly (Yarra Plenty, VIC) 1:58.96, Beau Matthews (SLC Aquadot, NSW) 1:16.76

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