Teen of the Week: Belpre University sophomore Riley White has dual passions for music and car restoration | News, sports, jobs

Teen of the Week: Belpre University sophomore Riley White has dual passions for music and car restoration |  News, sports, jobs

Riley White showed his support for his sisters Lydia and Hannah while performing in the Actors Guild production of “Newsies” in August. From left are Lydia, Riley and Hannah. (image provided)

BELPRE – Belpre High School sophomore Riley White explores his passion for music while restoring cars and performing odd jobs around the community.

White, 16, is a member of the band that received a superior rating at the Ohio Music Educators Association Band Finals on Nov. 4. He said he had performed in two previous finals and felt satisfied with the band’s performance.

“I think we left it all on the field. I’ve learned that going into something like this and expecting a good result usually means you’re going to back away from that idea, so I keep my expectations low.” He said.

However, White said he is experienced “Pure joy” When Bilbrey’s result was announced during the awards ceremony.

White also pursues music as a hobby. He plays the guitar and describes a memorable song he recently learned.

Riley White and his father Robin model construction equipment from Riley’s truck while their dog Charlie looks up. (photo provided)

“My favorite piece of music that I’ve learned how to play has to go to Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, which I learned on guitar.” He said. “I set myself the goal of learning how to play this song from the beginning of my guitar playing journey, and I feel like I complete that goal every time I pick up the guitar.”

White said his love of music came from his grandfather, a bluegrass player.

“He built, repaired and sold mandolins, banjos, guitars and more throughout his life. His love of music was passed on to his son, my father, who then passed on his love of music to me. You could say music simply runs through my veins.” He said.

Another hobby equal to music is car restoration and repair.

“I also have equal love and interest for the automotive community and the way cars and trucks can move and operate.” He said. “I enjoy repairing and dismantling my own vehicles because it teaches me how to repair my own vehicles instead of paying someone else to do the work.”

Riley White shows off his truck, a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500, on the day he purchased it in July 2022. (Photo provided)

White said he bought his first car, a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500, in July 2022.

The car was supposed to be a restoration project and he was up for the challenge. He spent a year fixing it up and now drives it every day.

This entrepreneurial spirit translates into White’s long-term goals. He said he wanted to open his own business.

“I want to open my own business one day where my ideas can come to fruition and I’m able to set my own hours.” He said.

One way White works to achieve this goal is by performing odd jobs, such as landscaping, mowing, pressure washing and car detailing.

Riley White plays a solo on “Sound of Silence” during the Belpre Marching Band’s 2022 performance. Liam Kucher watches from below. (photo provided)

White also excels in the classroom, earning a 4.0 GPA. He took Honors and College Credit Plus subjects through Washington State Community College, including Comprehension I, Public Speaking, American History, Music Appreciation, and Technical Writing.

Although he does not have a favorite school subject, White enjoys mathematics.

“Maths has always been a relatively easy subject for me, and I love the feelings I get when I complete a particularly difficult problem.” He said.

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Riley White and his cousin Lily White hang out during the Belpre v. Eastern. Riley said he enjoyed seeing Lily perform at Eastern’s halftime show. (photo provided)

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