Tesla Model 3 shines from the outside, and BMW looks from the inside: Get to know the new Mullen FIVE EV

Moving away from fossil fuel cars is stimulating innovation in the auto industry and enabling new companies to emerge. And just like Rivian, Fisker, or Lucid, the California-based Mullen wants to put Americans (and perhaps Canadians) behind the wheel of a battery-electric vehicle. If you can produce, the young brand may succeed. The FIVE is a crossover SUV with a familiar design – it looks eerily similar to the new Model 3 from the front, while the BMW-inspired cabin adds the scent of familiar premium quality.

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Photo: David Meshry on Twitter

Rivian has proven itself by offering two impressive electric vehicles – the highly capable and well-designed R1T and R1S four-wheel drive vehicles.

Lucid debuted outstanding engineering solutions that took the all-electric powertrain to the next level of performance and focused on creating a luxurious cabin. It sells sedans of leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz.

Fisker is just starting to turn heads after managing to elevate itself with its upstream programs and completely repurpose its brand philosophy. The Ocean is an all-electric crossover SUVs With tricks like a sunroof, a California mode that opens all the windows (including the rear windshield), and a tiltable infotainment screen.

These brands succeeded because Tesla took it upon itself to revolutionize what was previously a very conservative business sector. She pushed forward against all odds, and despite doing some questionable things along the way, she succeeded.

2024 Tesla Model 3

Image: Tesla

If you want to measure performance by what investors think, Tesla is actually an international giant — the Texas-based brand is the world’s most valuable automaker.

So, what does Mullen Automotive want?

About two years ago, we were telling you about the Mullen FIVE EV crossover that appeared out of nowhere with a striking, almost McLaren-like front end, a slim body, a sloping rear roofline, great ground clearance, big wheels, and a rear end that provided the car with a sleek, understated finish.

In these two years, nothing has changed in terms of performance. the Eve The manufacturer still promises a range of up to 325 miles on a single charge, a top speed of 155 mph, and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds.

But there has been one dramatic update – the interior now includes some BMW-sourced parts. David Michieri, CEO of Mullen, posted some photos on his Twitter account (X). Pictures show:

  • a renamed BMW M steering wheel with carbon fiber inserts and buttons for the Advanced Driver Assistance System;
  • BMW legs.
  • BMW sports pedals (including dead pedal) with rubber-insulated personal protective equipment;
  • A fusion of BMW’s iDrive 8 displays and the old iDrive 7’s lid.

In our book, this is a great idea. Mullen will give buyers a sense of familiar luxury materials and shapes. If the shell installed on top of iDrive 8 doesn’t impact the system’s performance, it could also provide a great infotainment experience because BMW is known for making great car software.

New Mullen FIVE EV model

Photo: David Meshry on Twitter (X)

The shot revealing the new interior represents a clear departure from what we’ve previously seen of the FIVE EV concept. This prototype may indicate that the brand is close to actually putting this car into production.

One odd thing we noticed was the giant shifter that didn’t seem to have any other function. It’s just…there!

Rather elegant but practical and promising

On the outside, Mullen opted for an eye-catching look for the FIVE EV that is immediately reminiscent of the redesigned Model 3. Slim headlights that appear to have a matrix function, a sculpted front fascia with three air intakes, and a hood featuring muscular lines surround the electric car. It means work.

The side profile reveals an aerodynamic appearance, Land Rover-like door handles that hide when the car is moving or stationary, a two-tone paint job that enhances the car’s sporty aesthetic, and a hatchback-like trunk that suggests moving things around won’t be an issue.

Pricing is expected to start at around $55,000. The car contains 95-kilowatt hours battery pack and offers 71 cubic feet of cargo space. Mullen also promises fast charging capabilities.

New Mullen FIVE EV model

Photo: David Meshry on Twitter (X)

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about this interesting zero-emissions crossover. The ambitious electric car maker is dealing with some inventory issues. Having lost more than 99.5% of its value since September 2022, the brand has begun filing a lawsuit with some of the entities that handle the trading.

However, Randy Marion, Mullen’s authorized U.S. dealer, said official EPA range numbers are coming soon. This should bring some long-awaited good news.

If the ambitious electric car maker wants more pre-orders and impress people ready to ditch their fossil-fueled habits, it should share more details about size, powertrain, battery chemistry, trims and service centers. There are already many electric car offerings on the market from older car brands or new car manufacturers that have proven themselves and shown that they have a solid grip on handling everything that comes with selling cars.

And he must also choose – NACS or CCS Combo 1? Most North American automakers have already sided with Tesla and will have access to the Supercharger starting next year or 2025. The choice of entry is important because it can bring more potential customers into Mullen’s world or alienate them.

However, what happens next is anyone’s guess. But we hope Mullen Automotive figures it out and offers a worthy competitor to the Tesla Model Y, Fisker Ocean, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Mercedes-Benz EQB, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, Audi Q4 e-tron, and VW ID. 4. Nissan Ariya, Chevrolet Bolt EUV, and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

Finally, Mullen Automotive also manufactures fully electric trucks and other types of commercial vehicles. But this crossover SUV is what will put it on the map, as long as it finds a way to start the manufacturing process.

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