Tesla Model 3 update: 4 reasons to want it and 2 reasons to stay away from it

No doubt about it Tesla Model 3 The sedan is the current standard when it comes to electric vehicles. I have He wrote about this beforeMost electric car critics agree. And while the Model Y is more popular — especially here in the US — it’s essentially the crossover version of the Model 3 and shares the same platform. Disclaimer: I’ve owned two Model 3s since 2018, but as a tech and automotive journalist, I’ve also driven most other electric cars, so that’s about it.

However, at 6 years old, the Model 3 is no spring chicken. Other than some minor cosmetic tweaks, it’s largely the same car — at least visually — as it was when it launched in 2017. You see, unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn’t follow a “model year” update schedule. The company makes changes to its cars when it deems it appropriate. For example, there were two iterations of the Model 3 in 2021 and 2022, and they look almost identical.

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