Tesla Model Y is the best-selling electric car in Europe in 2023

Image: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y has once again confirmed its position as the most popular electric car in Europe, significantly outselling its closest competitor. The Model 3 takes third place, strengthening the brand’s position.

The Tesla Model Y remains the most popular electric car in Europe based on sales for the full year of 2023, from January to July. In the first seven months of the year, 144,367 units were sold, according to Electric car news. Sales data for the automobile market in all segments will be available at a later date. The Model Y managed to increase sales by 213 percent compared to the previous year. This is an important contribution from Giga Berlin, which now delivers thousands of vehicles every month. Previously, when deliveries to Europe were only made from Giga Shanghai, they were usually only active at the end of each quarter.

The VW ID.4 came in second with 54,892 units sold. That’s more than 89,000 fewer than the Model Y. VW can’t compete with Tesla even at home, highlighting the manufacturer’s problems. The company has been slow to ramp up efforts to develop its electric vehicle division. If VW does not accelerate, it will continue to lose market share, as Tesla not only has no intention of slowing down, but is also ramping up production at a rapid pace.

This year, Tesla Model 3 took third place in the European electric car market ranking. In 2023, it was able to sell 46,019 units. There is expected to be a slowdown in Model 3 registrations in the coming months as the manufacturer updates the vehicle. Now, Giga Shanghai has to increase production, and this will take time. Combined Model Y and Model 3 sales were 190,386 units, which is impressive.

The VW ID.3 takes fourth place in the ranking. In 2023, a total of 38,607 ID.3 vehicles were sold. Together with the ID.4, VW sold 93,499 units. There are no other Volkswagen EVs in the top 10, so we can assume that ID.4 and ID.5 sales are combined.

The MG4 Electric closes out the top five with 35,708 units. Its sales continue to grow. In July alone, 5,018 electric cars of this type were sold, bringing total annual sales to 35,708 units. The Fiat 500 Electric recorded a 3.8 percent decrease in sales compared to the same period last year. The Kia Niro recorded a decline of 14.2 percent and the Hyundai Kona by 17.5 percent.

Review of electric vehicle sales until the end of July 2023 – Top 10


Tesla Model Y



Volkswagen ID.4



Tesla Model 3



Volkswagen ID.3



MG 4 electric



Fiat 500 electric



Audi Q4 e-tron



Inyaq is very bad



Peugeot E-208



Volvo XC40


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