The 2025 or 2026 Toyota Land Cruiser “mini” takes many forms across the land of imagination

The 2025 or 2026 Toyota Land Cruiser “mini” takes many forms across the land of imagination

The Japanese automaker has had an entire year full of global novelties. Some might say that in some parts of the world, a tidal wave of new model introductions has been unleashed.

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America, for example, received things like the Corolla Cross Hybrid, the Prius ‘Hybrid Reborn’ in plug-in hybrid form, a full range of Nightshade models, and a trio of feisty GRs (GR86 Trueno, GR Corolla Circuit, GR Supra 45th Anniversary), The 2024 Grand Highlander, plus the absolute stars – the N400 Tacoma and the 2024 Land Cruiser (known as the Prado or 250 in other regions). I’m not sure I haven’t forgotten a new thing or two.

However, the company is not hitting the brakes anytime soon as it wants to catch up with General Motors and claim the throne of the best-selling automaker across the US auto market. If not this year, 2024 is sure to be a great year for sales reps — especially with the Tacoma and Land Cruiser hitting dealerships before the end of the first quarter of next year.

But wait, there’s more. Toyota has already begun a marketing campaign teaser for at least one model scheduled to debut during the upcoming 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show (November 17-26). Now, rumors are trying to figure out whether the Japanese automaker will launch the next-generation XV80 Toyota Camry and/or Toyota Crown Estate (which is actually a crossover). SUVs, not a station wagon) in California. Moreover, fans are eagerly waiting to see what comes next in the Land Cruiser series following the Japan Mobility Expo opening presentation of the all-electric Land Cruiser Se.

Interestingly, everyone has been anticipating the Land Hopper’s appearance at the event formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show for nearly seven decades due to a trademark filing issued around the same time Toyota debuted the 2024 Land Cruiser in its home country of Japan. But it turned out that this concept was a three-wheeled mobility concept and had nothing to do with the legendary Land Cruiser. As such, we’re now back to square one with the little Land Cruiser – including across the vast expanses of the imaginative world of digital car content creators. Heck, some of them still call the compact version of the Land Cruiser a Land Hopper in their virtual design project presentations. However, we now know that this is no longer the case.

Alternatively, if it becomes real, this body-on-frame SUV may retain the “Land Cruiser” nameplate and perhaps spark a confusing saga of three different models with the same moniker – the new Ford Bronco Sport rival, as well as the Ford Bronco Sport. J250 and J300 Land Cruiser. Since there are so many possibilities, there are also several unofficial CGI design projects – the latest of which comes from a trio of YouTube channels: Real cars, REC trendsAnd AutomagzPro. So, without further ado, please choose your preferred default design!

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